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2017The fatty acid composition of excreta of broiler chickens fed different dietary fatty acidsKanakri, K.; Carragher, J.; Hughes, R.; Muhlhausler, B.; de Koning, C.; Gibson, R.
2018Comparison of breast milk fatty acid composition from mothers of premature infants of three countries using novel dried milk spot technologyGao, C.; Gibson, R.; McPhee, A.; Zhou, S.J.; Collins, C.; Makrides, M.; Miller, J.; Liu, G.
2018Effect of low dose docosahexaenoic acid-rich fish oil on plasma lipids and lipoproteins in pre-menopausal women: a dose-response randomized placebo-controlled trialSparkes, C.; Gibson, R.; Sinclair, A.; Else, P.; Meyer, B.
2013Incorporating macadamia oil and butter to reduce dietary omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid intakeWood, K.; Mantzioris, E.; Gibson, R.; Muhlhausler, B.
2011Elongase reactions as control points in long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid synthesisGregory, M.; Gibson, R.; Cook-Johnson, R.; Cleland, L.; James, M.
2013Plasma phospholipid fatty acids, dietary fatty acids and prostate cancer riskBassett, J.; Severi, G.; Hodge, A.; MacInnis, R.; Gibson, R.; Hopper, J.; English, D.; Giles, G.
2013Correlations between blood and tissue omega-3 LCPUFA status following dietary ALA intervention in ratsTu, W.; Muhlhausler, B.; Yelland, L.; Gibson, R.
2012Barramundi (Lates calcarifer) desaturase with Δ6/Δ8 dual activitiesTu, W.; Cook-Johnson, R.; James, M.; Muhlhausler, B.; Stone, D.; Gibson, R.
2001Symposium on PUFA in Maternal and Child HealthGibson, R.; Makrides, M.
2002Essential role of fats throughout the lifecycle : summary and recommendationsGibson, R.; Makrides, M.; Colyer, C.