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2016Evaluation of Australian wheat genotypes for response to variable nitrogen applicationMahjourimajd, S.; Kuchel, H.; Langridge, P.; Okamoto, M.
2017Advantages of Amplifluor-like SNP markers over KASP in plant genotypingJatayev, S.; Kurishbayev, A.; Zotova, L.; Khasanova, G.; Serikbay, D.; Zhubatkanov, A.; Botayeva, M.; Zhumalin, A.; Turbekova, A.; Soole, K.; Langridge, P.; Shavrukov, Y.
2017Differential expression of microRNAs and potential targets under drought stress in barleyFerdous, J.; Sanchez-Ferrero, J.; Langridge, P.; Milne, L.; Chowdhury, J.; Brien, C.; Tricker, P.
2015Constitutive overexpression of the TaNF-YB4 gene in transgenic wheat significantly improves grain yieldYadav, D.; Shavrukov, Y.; Bazanova, N.; Chirkova, L.; Borisjuk, N.; Kovalchuk, N.; Ismagul, A.; Parent, B.; Langridge, P.; Hrmova, M.; Lopato, S.
2016Generation of different sizes and classes of small RNAs in barley is locus, chromosome and/or cultivar-dependentHackenberg, M.; Rueda, A.; Gustafson, P.; Langridge, P.; Shi, B.
2016Change of function of the wheat stress-responsive transcriptional repressor TaRAP2.1L by repressor motif modificationAmalraj, A.; Luang, S.; Kumar, M.; Sornaraj, P.; Eini, O.; Kovalchuk, N.; Bazanova, N.; Li, Y.; Yang, N.; Eliby, S.; Langridge, P.; Hrmova, M.; Lopato, S.
2018Genes encoding transcription factors TaDREB5 and TaNFYC-A7 are differentially expressed in leaves of bread wheat in response to drought, dehydration and ABAZotova, L.; Kurishbayev, A.; Jatayev, S.; Khassanova, G.; Zhubatkanov, A.; Serikbay, D.; Sereda, S.; Sereda, T.; Shvidchenko, V.; Lopato, S.; Jenkins, C.; Soole, K.; Langridge, P.; Shavrukov, Y.
2016The homeodomain transcription factor TaHDZipI-2 from wheat regulates frost tolerance, flowering time and spike development in transgenic barleyKovalchuk, N.; Chew, W.; Sornaraj, P.; Borisjuk, N.; Yang, N.; Singh, R.; Bazanova, N.; Shavrukov, Y.; Guendel, A.; Munz, E.; Borisjuk, L.; Langridge, P.; Hrmova, M.; Lopato, S.
2016Genetic basis for variation in wheat grain yield in response to varying nitrogen applicationMahjourimajd, S.; Taylor, J.; Sznajder, B.; Timmins, A.; Shahinnia, F.; Rengel, Z.; Khabaz-Saberi, H.; Kuchel, H.; Okamoto, M.; Langridge, P.
2016Genetic analysis of developmental and adaptive traits in three doubled haploid populations of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)Obsa, B.; Eglinton, J.; Coventry, S.; March, T.; Langridge, P.; Fleury, D.