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2010Variation in salinity tolerance and shoot sodium accumulation in Arabidopsis ecotypes linked to differences in the natural expression levels of transporters involved in sodium transportJha, D.; Shirley, N.; Tester, M.; Roy, S.
2010Cl- uptake, transport and accumulation in grapevine rootstocks of differing capacity for Cl--exclusionTregeagle, J.; Tisdall, J.; Tester, M.; Walker, R.
2009Metabolic responses to salt stress of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) cultivars, Sahara and Clipper, which differ in salinity toleranceWidodo, W.; Patterson, J.; Newbigin, E.; Tester, M.; Bacic, A.; Roessner, U.
2008Mechanisms of salinity toleranceMunns, R.; Tester, M.
2007The impact of constitutive heterologous expression of a moss Na+ transporter on the metabolomes of rice and barleyJacobs, A.; Lunde, C.; Bacic, A.; Tester, M.; Roessner, U.
2011AtHKT1;1 mediates nernstian sodium channel transport properties in arabidopsis root stelar cellsXue, S.; Yao, X.; Luo, W.; Jha, D.; Tester, M.; Horie, T.; Schroeder, J.I.
2007Exclusion of Na+ via sodium ATPase (PpENA1) ensures normal growth of Physcomitrella patens under moderate salt stressLunde, C.; Drew, D.; Jacobs, A.; Tester, M.
2012Trait dissection of salinity tolerance with plant phenomicsBerger, B.; de Regt, S.; Tester, M.
2007Root plasma membrane transporters controlling K+/Na+ homeostasis in salt-stressed barleyChen, Z.; Pottosin, I.; Cuin, T.; Fuglsang, A.; Tester, M.; Jha, D.; Zepeda-Jazo, I.; Zhou, M.; Palmgren, M.; Newman, I.; Shabala, S.
2010Type-B response regulators ARR1 and ARR12 regulate expression of AtHKT1;1 and accumulation of sodium in Arabidopsis shootsMason, M.; Jha, D.; Salt, D.; Tester, M.; Hill, K.; Kieber, J.; Schaller, G.