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2012Wheat grain yield on saline soils is improved by an ancestral Na+ transporter geneMunns, R.; James, R.; Xu, B.; Athman, A.; Conn, S.; Jordans, C.; Byrt, C.; Hare, R.; Tyerman, S.; Tester, M.; Plett, D.; Gilliham, M.
2011Proton-coupled high-affinity phosphate transport revealed from heterologous characterization in Xenopus of barley-root plasma membrane transporter, HvPHT1;1Preuss, C.; Huang, C.; Tyerman, S.
2009Calcium compartmentation in arabidopsis mesophyll cells, a mechanism to regulate apoplastic calcium, photosynthetic rates and growth, involves low-affinity, high-capacity Ca2+/H+ antiportersConn, S.; Gilliham, M.; Tyerman, S.; Kaiser, B.; Leigh, R.; International Plant Nutrition Colloquium (XVI : 2009 : Sacramento, California)
2013A putative role for TIP and PIP aquaporins in dynamics of leaf hydraulic and stomatal conductances in grapevine under water stress and re-wateringPou, A.; Medrano, H.; Flexas, J.; Tyerman, S.
2007Aquaporins and unloading of phloem-imported water in coats of developing bean seedsZhou, Y.; Setz, N.; Niemietz, C.; Qu, H.; Offler, C.; Tyerman, S.; Patrick, J.
2007Comparison between gradient-dependent hydraulic conductivities of roots using the root pressure probe: the role of pressure propagations and implications for the relative roles of parallel radial pathwaysBramley, H.; Turner, N.; Turner, D.; Tyerman, S.
2007Water flow in the roots of crop species: The influence of root structure, aquaporin activity, and waterloggingBramley, H.; Turner, D.; Tyerman, S.; Turner, N.
2010HvALMT1 from barley is involved in the transport of organic anionsGruber, B.; Ryan, P.; Richardson, A.; Tyerman, S.; Ramesh, S.; Hebb, D.; Howitt, S.; Delhaize, E.
2011The Genetic Envelope of Winegrape vines: Potential for Adaptation to Future Climate ChallengesWebb, L.; Clingeleffer, P.; Tyerman, S.
2001Ammonia and amino acid transport across symbiotic membranes in nitrogen-fixing legume nodulesDay, D.; Poole, P.; Tyerman, S.; Rosendahl, L.