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2018Molecular control of male fertility for crop hybrid breedingKim, Y.; Zhang, D.
2017Defective pollen wall 2 (Dpw2) encodes an acyl transferase required for rice pollen developmentXu, D.; Shi, J.; Rautengarten, C.; Yang, L.; Qian, X.; Uzair, M.; Zhu, L.; Luo, Q.; An, G.; WaƟmann, F.; Schreiber, L.; Heazlewood, J.; Scheller, H.; Hu, J.; Zhang, D.; Liang, W.
2017A recruiting protein of geranylgeranyl diphosphate synthase controls metabolic flux toward chlorophyll biosynthesis in riceZhou, F.; Wang, C.; Gutensohn, M.; Jiang, L.; Zhang, P.; Zhang, D.; Dudareva, N.; Lua, S.
2016Development of a RAD-seq based DNA polymorphism identification software, agromarker finder, and its application in rice marker-assisted breedingFan, W.; Zong, J.; Luo, Z.; Chen, M.; Zhao, X.; Zhang, D.; Qi, Y.; Yuan, Z.
2016Identification of conserved and diverse metabolic shifts during rice grain developmentHu, C.; Tohge, T.; Chan, S.; Song, Y.; Rao, J.; Cui, B.; Lin, H.; Wang, L.; Fernie, A.; Zhang, D.; Shi, J.
2018A rice glutamyl-tRNA synthetase modulates early anther cell division and patterningYang, X.; Li, G.; Tian, Y.; Song, Y.; Liang, W.; Zhang, D.
2016Regulatory role of a receptor-like kinase in specifying anther cell identityYang, L.; Qian, X.; Chen, M.; Fei, Q.; Meyers, B.; Liang, W.; Zhang, D.
2017The polyketide synthase OsPKS2 is essential for pollen exine and Ubisch body patterning in riceZhu, X.; Yu, J.; Shi, J.; Tohge, T.; Fernie, A.; Meir, S.; Aharoni, A.; Xu, D.; Zhang, D.; Liang, W.
2014Seed metabolomic study reveals significant metabolite variations and correlations among different soybean cultivarsLin, H.; Rao, J.; Shi, J.; Hu, C.; Cheng, F.; Wilson, Z.; Zhang, D.; Quan, S.
2016Characterization of factors underlying the metabolic shifts in developing kernels of colored maizeHu, C.; Li, Q.; Shen, X.; Quan, S.; Lin, H.; Duan, L.; Wang, Y.; Luo, Q.; Qu, G.; Han, Q.; Lu, Y.; Zhang, D.; Yuan, Z.; Shi, J.