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2009Improved extraction and clean-up of imidazolinone herbicides from soil solutions using different solid-phase sorbentsRamezani, M.; Simpson, N.; Oliver, D.; Kookana, R.; Gill, G.; Preston, C.
2009Population Ecology and Management of Rigid Brome (Bromus rigidus) in Australian Cropping SystemsKleemann, S.; Gill, G.
2011Effect of water management on dry seeded and puddled transplanted rice Part 2: Water balance and water productivityYadav, S.; Humphreys, E.; Kukal, S.; Gill, G.; Rangarajan, R.
2007Studies on the competitive ability of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) varieties with little canary grass (Phalaris minor Retz.)Walia, U.; Gill, G.; Brar, L.
2001Identification of quantitative trait loci for traits conferring weed competitiveness in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)Vandeleur, R.; Gill, G.; Rebetzke, G.
2011Weed management in rainfed agricultural systems: principles and methodologiesBirch, C.; Cooper, I.; Gill, G.; Adkins, S.; Gupta, M.
2013Effect of short-term heat stress prior to flowering and at early grain set on the utilization of water-soluble carbohydrate by wheat genotypesTalukder, A.; McDonald, G.; Gill, G.
2011Poor efficacy of herbicides in biochar-amended soils as affected by their chemistry and mode of actionNag, S.; Kookana, R.; Smith, L.; Krull, E.; MacDonald, L.; Gill, G.
2006Tillage system effects on weed ecology, herbicide activity and persistence: a reviewChauhan, B.; Gill, G.; Preston, C.
2016Fitness costs associated with 1781 and 2041 ACCase-mutant alleles conferring resistance to herbicides in Hordeum glaucum SteudShergill, L.; Boutsalis, P.; Preston, C.; Gill, G.