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1995Amino acid and ammonium utilization by Saccharomyces cerevisae wine yeasts from a chemically defined mediumJiranek, V.; Langridge, P.; Henschke, P.
2019CRISPR/Cas9-mediated knockout of Ms1 enables the rapid generation of male-sterile hexaploid wheat lines for use in hybrid seed productionOkada, A.; Arndell, T.; Borisjuk, N.; Sharma, N.; Watson-Haigh, N.S.; Tucker, E.J.; Baumann, U.; Langridge, P.; Whitford, R.
2017Quantifying wheat sensitivities to environmental constraints to dissect genotype x environment interactions in the fieldParent, B.; Maphosa, L.; Kovalchuk, O.; Langridge, P.; Fleury, D.; Bonneau, J.
2011BAC library resources for map-based cloning and physical map construction in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)Schulte, D.; Shi, B.; Fleury, D.; Saski, C.; Atkins, M.; Dejong, P.; Wu, C.; Graner, A.; Langridge, P.; Stein, N.; Ariyadasa, R.
2013A DNA-based method for studying root responses to drought in field-grown wheat genotypesHuang, C.; Kuchel, H.; Edwards, J.; Hall, S.; Parent, B.; Eckermann, P.; Herdinda, X.; Hartley, D.; Langridge, P.; McKay, A.
2008Metabolite profiling reveals distinct changes in carbon and nitrogen metabolism in phosphate-deficient barley plants (Hordeum vulgare L.)Huang, C.; Roessner, U.; Eickmeier, I.; Genc, Y.; Callahan, D.; Shirley, N.; Langridge, P.; Bacic, A.
2015Dynamic root responses to drought and rewatering in two wheat (Triticum aestivum) genotypesSteinemann, S.; Zeng, Z.; McKay, A.; Heuer, S.; Langridge, P.; Huang, C.
2011Phosphate utilization efficiency correlates with expression of low-affinity phosphate transporters and noncoding RNA, IPS1, in barleyHuang, C.; Shirley, N.; Genc, Y.; Shi, B.; Langridge, P.
2014HvZIP7 mediates zinc accumulation in barley (Hordeum vulgare) at moderately high zinc supplyTiong, J.; McDonald, G.; Genc, Y.; Pedas, P.; Hayes, J.; Toubia, J.; Langridge, P.; Huang, C.
2015Increased expression of six ZIP family genes by zinc (Zn) deficiency is associated with enhanced uptake and root-to-shoot translocation of Zn in barley (Hordeum vulgare)Tiong, J.; McDonald, G.; Genc, Y.; Shirley, N.; Langridge, P.; Huang, C.