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2017Endopolyploidy levels in barley vary in different root types and significantly decrease under phosphorus deficiencyZeng, Z.; Huang, H.; Han, N.; Huang, C.; Langridge, P.; Bian, H.; Zhu, M.
2007A study of the role of root morphological traits in growth of barley in zinc-deficient soilGenc, Y.; Huang, C.; Langridge, P.
2009Over-expressing a barley ZIP gene doubles grain zinc content in barley (Hordeum vulgare)Tiong, J.; Genc, Y.; McDonald, G.; Langridge, P.; Huang, C.; International Plant Nutrition Colloquium (XVI : 2009 : Sacramento, California)
2006Complex regulatory processess are involved in transcriptional control of individual PHT1 genesHuang, C.; Genc, Y.; Shirley, N.; Langridge, P.; International Congress of Plant Molecular Biology (8th : 2006 : Adelaide, S. Aust.)
2008Cereal breeding takes a walk on the wild sideFeuillet, C.; Langridge, P.; Waugh, R.
1996STS-PCR markers appropriate for wheat-barley introgressionBlake, T.; Kadyrzhanova, D.; Shepherd, K.; Islam, A.; Langridge, P.; McDonald, C.; Erpelding, J.; Larson, S.; Blake, N.; Talbert, L.
2003Mapping and QTL analysis of the barley population Galleon x Haruna NijoKarakousis, A.; Barr, A.; Kretschmer, J.; Manning, S.; Logue, S.; Roumeliotis, S.; Collins, H.; Chalmers, K.; Li, C.; Lance, R.; Langridge, P.
2007Expression and functional analysis of TaASY1 during meiosis of bread wheat (Triticum aestivum)Boden, S.; Shadiac, N.; Tucker, E.; Langridge, P.; Able, J.
2009TaASY1 promotes homologous chromosome interactions and is affected by deletion of Ph1Boden, S.; Langridge, P.; Spangenberg, G.; Able, J.
2019Wheat wounding-responsive HD-Zip IV transcription factor GL7 is predominantly expressed in grain and activates genes encoding defensinsKovalchuk, N.; Wu, W.; Bazanova, N.; Reid, N.; Singh, R.; Shirley, N.; Eini, O.; Johnson, A.; Langridge, P.; Hrmova, M.; Lopato, S.