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2010Chelating Agent for Micronutrient FertilisersMcLaughlin, M.; Stacey, S.; Lombi, E.; Collison and Co; ARI Pty Ltd & CSIRO
2008Chelating Agent for Micronutrient FertilisersMcLaughlin, M.; Stacey, S.; Lombi, E.; ARI Pty Ltd & CSIRO
2019Sorption of PFOA onto different laboratory materials: Filter membranes and centrifuge tubesLath, S.; Knight, E.; Navarro, D.; Kookana, R.; McLaughlin, M.
2018Colloidal nitrogen is an important and highly-mobile form of nitrogen discharging into the Great Barrier Reef lagoonJudy, J.; Kirby, J.; Farrell, M.; McLaughlin, M.; Wilkinson, S.; Bartley, R.; Bertsch, P.
2019Scientific integrity issues in environmental toxicology and chemistry: improving research reproducibility, credibility, and transparencyMebane, C.; Sumpter, J.; Fairbrother, A.; Augspurger, T.; Canfield, T.; Goodfellow, W.; Guiney, P.; LeHuray, A.; Maltby, L.; Mayfield, D.; McLaughlin, M.; Ortego, L.; Schlekat, T.; Scroggins, R.; Verslycke, T.
2015Effects of silver sulfide nanomaterials on mycorrhizal colonization of tomato plants and soil microbial communities in biosolid-amended soilJudy, J.; Kirby, J.; Creamer, C.; McLaughlin, M.; Fiebiger, C.; Wright, C.; Cavagnaro, T.; Bertsch, P.
2016Gold nanomaterial uptake from soil is not increased by arbuscular mycorrhizal colonization of solanum lycopersicum (Tomato)Judy, J.; Kirby, J.; McLaughlin, M.; Cavagnaro, T.; Bertsch, P.
2015How important is the mycorrhizal pathway for plant Zn uptake?Watts-Williams, S.; Smith, F.; McLaughlin, M.; Patti, A.; Cavagnaro, T.
2018Mixed-mode remediation of cadmium and arsenate ions using graphene-based materialsLath, S.; Navarro, D.; Tran, D.; Kumar, A.; Losic, D.; McLaughlin, M.
2010A method for determination of retention of silver and cerium oxide manufactured nanoparticles in soilsCornelis, G.; Kirby, J.; Beak, D.; Chittleborough, D.; McLaughlin, M.