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2013A stable-isotope methodology for measurement of soil-applied zinc-fertilizer recovery in durum wheat (Triticum durum)McBeath, T.; McLaughlin, M.; Kirby, J.; Degryse, J.
2013Total petroleum hydrocarbon concentration prediction in soils using diffuse reflectance infrared spectroscopyForrester, S.; Janik, L.; McLaughlin, M.; Soriano-Disla, J.; Stewart, R.; Dearman, B.
2013Modeling the cadmium balance in Australian agricultural systems in view of potential impacts on food and water qualityde Vries, W.; McLaughlin, M.
2014The performance of visible, near-, and mid-infrared reflectance spectroscopy for prediction of soil physical, chemical, and biological propertiesSoriano Disla, J.; Janik, L.; Viscarra Rossel, R.; Macdonald, L.; McLaughlin, M.
2014Efficacy of zinc oxides as fertilisersMcBeath, T.; McLaughlin, M.
2013Prediction of the concentration of chemical elements extracted by aqua regia in agricultural and grazing European soils using diffuse reflectance mid-infrared spectroscopySoriano Disla, J.; Janik, L.; McLaughlin, M.; Forrester, S.; Kirby, J.; Reimann, C.; EuroGeoSurveys GEMAS Project Team
2013Soil test measures of available P (Colwell, resin and DGT) compared with plant P uptake using isotope dilutionMason, S.; McLaughlin, M.; Johnston, C.; McNeill, A.
2014Phosphorus speciation in mature wheat and canola plants as affected by phosphorus supplyNoack, S.; McLaughlin, M.; Smernik, R.; McBeath, T.; Armstrong, R.
2014Management of crop residues affects the transfer of phosphorus to plant and soil pools: Results from a dual-labelling experimentNoack, S.; McBeath, T.; McLaughlin, M.; Smernik, R.; Armstrong, R.
2014Assessing crop residue phosphorus speciation using chemical fractionation and solution 31P nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopyNoack, S.; Smernik, R.; McBeath, T.; Armstrong, R.; McLaughlin, M.