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2014Proanthocyanidin oxidation of Arabidopsis seeds is altered in mutant of the high-affinity nitrate transporter NRT2.7David, L.; Dechorgnat, J.; Berquin, P.; Routaboul, J.; Debeaujon, I.; Daniel-Vedele, F.; Ferrario-Méry, S.
2013Relationships between harvest time and wine composition in Vitis vinifera L. cv. Cabernet Sauvignon 1. Grape and wine chemistryBindon, K.; Varela, C.; Kennedy, J.; Holt, H.; Herderich, M.
2016Effect of dietary ALA on growth rate, feed conversion ratio, mortality rate and breast meat omega-3 LCPUFA content in broiler chickensCarragher, J.F.; Muhlhausler, B.S.; Geier, M.S.; House, J.D.; Hughes, R.J.; Gibson, R.A.
2014Nematodes from galls on Myrtaceae. VIII. Fergusobia from small galls on shoot buds, with descriptions of four new speciesDavies, K.; Bartholomaeus, F.; Giblin-Davis, R.; Ye, W.; Taylor, G.; Thomas, W.
2014Nematodes from galls on Myrtaceae. IX. Fergusobia rosettae n. sp. on Melaleuca quinquenervia and F. tolgaensis n. sp. on Syzygium luehmannii, from QueenslandDavies, K.; Ye, W.; Giblin-Davis, R.; Taylor, G.; Purcell, M.; Thomas, K.
2014Comparison of antimicrobial resistance phenotypes and genotypes in enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli isolated from Australian and Vietnamese pigsSmith, M.; Do, T.; Gibson, J.; Jordan, D.; Cobbold, R.; Trott, D.
2014Quantifying crop nitrogen status for comparisons of agronomic practices and genotypesSadras, V.; Lemaire, G.
2014Ecosystem services in agricultural landscapes: a spatially explicit approach to support sustainable soil managementForouzangohar, M.; Crossman, N.; MacEwan, R.; Wallace, D.; Bennett, L.
2016Development of the public release version of Smallholder ADOPT for developing countriesBrown, P.R.; Llewellyn, R.; Nidumolu, U.B.; Kuehne, G.; Brown, B.; Mungai, O.; Ouzman, J.
2015Long-term addition of organic fertilizers has little effect on soil organic phosphorus as characterized by ³¹P NMR spectroscopy and enzyme additionsAnnaheim, K.; Doolette, A.; Smernik, R.; Mayer, J.; Oberson, A.; Frossard, E.; Bünemann, E.