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2014Changes in the nature of dissolved organics during pulp and paper mill wastewater treatment: a multivariate statistical study combining data from three analytical techniquesPlant, E.; Smernik, R.; VanLeeuwen, J.; Greenwood, P.; MacDonald, L.
2011Legume residue influence arbuscular mycorrhizal colonisation and P uptake by wheatHasbullah; Marschner, P.; McNeill, A.
2008Pollen ultrastructure characterization in Californian and Australian almond cultivarsSorkheh, K.; Vezaei, A.; Wirthensohn, M.; Martinez-Gomez, P.
2013Relationships between starch pasting properties, free fatty acids and amylose content in barleyCozzolino, D.; Roumeliotis, S.; Eglinton, J.
2005Oxygen concentration during in vitro maturation of murine oocytes affects blastocyst cell lineageBanwell, K.; Lane, M.; Russell, D.; Kind, K.; Thompson, J.
2011Evaluation and application of ORYZA2000 for irrigation scheduling of puddled transplanted rice in north west IndiaYadav, S.; Li, T.; Humphreys, E.; Gill, G.; Kukal, S.
2012Evaluation of tradeoffs in land and water productivity of dry seeded rice as affected by irrigation scheduleYadav, S.; Humphreys, E.; Li, T.; Gill, G.; Kukal, S.
2005Murine HIF-1a localisation by immunohistochemistry in a mouse reproductive tissueCamp-Dotlic, E.; Froiland, D.; Kind, K.; Irving-Rodgers, H.; Thompson, J.; Russell, D.
2017Potential pollination maintenance by an exotic allodapine bee under climate change scenarios in the Indo-Pacific regionSilva, D.; Groom, S.; da Silva, C.; Stevens, M.; Schwarz, M.
2009The effects of formula feeding on physiological and immunological parameters in the gut of neonatal ratsTooley, K.; Howarth, G.; Butler, R.; Lymn, K.; Penttila, I.