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2006Probiotics, prebiotics and synbiotics: a role in chemoprevention for colorectal cancer?Geier, M.; Butler, R.; Howarth, G.
2003Patch time allocation by the parasitoid Diadegma semiclausum (Hymenoptera : Ichneumonidae). I. Effect of interpatch distanceWang, X.; Keller, M.
2003Mapping and QTL analysis of the barley population Galleon x Haruna NijoKarakousis, A.; Barr, A.; Kretschmer, J.; Manning, S.; Logue, S.; Roumeliotis, S.; Collins, H.; Chalmers, K.; Li, C.; Lance, R.; Langridge, P.
2006Combining mass spectrometry based electronic nose, visible-near infrared spectroscopy and chemometrics to assess the sensory properties of Australian Riesling winesCozzolino, D.; Smyth, H.; Lattey, K.; Cynkar, W.; Janik, L.; Dambergs, R.; Francis, I.; Gishen, M.
2005Relationship between sensory analysis and near infrared spectroscopy in Australian Riesling and Chardonnay winesCozzolino, D.; Smyth, H.; Lattey, K.; Cynkar, W.; Janik, L.; Dambergs, B.; Francis, I.; Gishen, M.
2013Identification of water-deficit resistance genes in wild almond Prunus scoparia using cDNA-AFLPAlimohammadi, M.; Shiran, B.; Martinez-Gomez, P.; Ebrahimie, E.
2006Reproductive skew in the Australian allodapine bee Exoneura robustaLanger, P.; Hogendoorn, K.; Schwarz, M.; Keller, L.
2007A proposal for a standardised protocol to barcode all land plantsChase, M.; Cowan, R.; Hollingsworth, P.; Van Den Berg, C.; Madrinan, S.; Petersen, G.; Seberg, O.; Jorgsensen, T.; Cameron, K.; Carine, M.; Pedersen, N.; Hedderson, T.; Conrad, F.; Salazar, G.; Richardson, J.; Hollingsworth, M.; Barraclough, T.; Kelly, L.; Wilkinson, M.
2020A laser ablation technique maps differences in elemental composition in roots of two barley cultivars subjected to salinity stressShelden, M.C.; Gilbert, S.E.; Tyerman, S.D.
2013Discovery of novel Bmy1 alleles increasing β-amylase activity in Chinese landraces and Tibetan wild barley for improvement of malting quality via MASGong, X.; Westcott, S.; Zhang, X.-.Q.; Yan, G.; Lance, R.; Zhang, G.; Sun, D.; Li, C.