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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Integrated weed management in dry-seeded rice using stale seedbeds and post sowing herbicidesSingh, M.; Bhullar, M.; Gill, G.
2017Growth, development, and seed biology of feather fingergrass (chloris virgata) in southern AustraliaNgo, T.; Boutsalis, P.; Preston, C.; Gill, G.
2016Management of ACCase-inhibiting herbicide-resistant smooth barley (Hordeum glaucum) in field pea with alternative herbicidesShergill, L.; Fleet, B.; Preston, C.; Gill, G.
2014Influence of seeding system disturbance on preplant incorporated herbicide control of rigid ryegrass (lolium rigidum) in wheat in Southern AustraliaKleemann, S.; Preston, C.; Gill, G.
2014Control of rigid ryegrass in australian wheat production with pyroxasulfoneBoutsalis, P.; Gill, G.; Preston, C.
2016Management of complex weed flora in dry-seeded riceBhullar, M.; Kumar, S.; Kaur, S.; Kaur, T.; Singh, J.; Yadav, R.; Chauhan, B.; Gill, G.
2012Incidence of herbicide resistance in rigid ryegrass (lolium rigidum) across southeastern AustraliaBoutsalis, P.; Gill, G.; Preston, C.
2014Effect of short-term heat stress prior to flowering and early grain set on the grain yield of wheatTalukder, A.; McDonald, G.; Gill, G.
2011Effect of water management on dry seeded and puddled transplanted rice. Part 1: Crop performanceYadav, S.; Gill, G.; Humphreys, E.; Kukal, S.; Walia, U.
2011Effect of water management on dry seeded and puddled transplanted rice Part 2: Water balance and water productivityYadav, S.; Humphreys, E.; Kukal, S.; Gill, G.; Rangarajan, R.