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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Application of SSR markers in the construction of Australian barley genetic mapsAblett, G.; Karakousis, A.; Banbury, L.; Cakir, M.; Holton, T.; Langridge, P.; Henry, R.
2001Construction of three linkage maps in bread wheat, Triticum aestivumChalmers, K.; Campbell, A.; Kretschmer, J.; Karakousis, A.; Henschke, P.; Pierens, S.; Harker, N.; Pallotta, M.; Cornish, G.; Shariflou, M.; Rampling, L.; McLauchlan, A.; Daggard, G.; Sharp, P.; Holton, T.; Sutherland, M.; Appels, R.; Langridge, P.
2003Mapping and QTL analysis of the barley population Clipper x SaharaKarakousis, A.; Barr, A.; Kretschmer, J.; Manning, S.; Jefferies, S.; Chalmers, K.; Islam, A.; Langridge, P.
2000Mapping and validation of chromosome regions conferring boron toxicity in wheat (Triticum aestivum)Jefferies, S.; Pallotta, M.; Paull, J.; Karakousis, A.; Kretschmer, J.; Manning, S.; Islam, A.; Langridge, P.; Chalmers, K.
2003A consensus map of barley integrating SSR, RFLP, and AFLP markersKarakousis, A.; Gustafson, J.; Chalmers, K.; Barr, A.; Langridge, P.
2002An investigation of a rapid DNA extraction method for routine MAS in the S.A. Barley Improvement ProgramWarner, P.; Karakousis, A.; Schiemann, A.; Eglinton, J.; Langridge, P.; Barr, A.; Australian Barley Technical Symposium (10th : 2001 : Canberra, A.C.T.)
2003A high-throughput plant DNA extraction method for marker analysisKarakousis, A.; Langridge, P.
2000Identification of SSR Markers for Use in the Australian Barley Breeding ProgramsKarakousis, A.; Chalmers, K.; Barr, A.; Langridge, P.; 8th International Barley Genetics Symposium (22 Oct 2000 : Adelaide, Australia)
1995A consensus linkage map of barleyLangridge, P.; Karakousis, A.; Collins, N.; Kretschmer, J.; Manning, S.
1998RFLP mapping of a new cereal cyst nematode resistance locus in barleyBarr, A.; Chalmers, K.; Karakousis, A.; Kretschmer, J.; Manning, S.; Lance, R.; Lewis, J.; Jeffries, S.; Langridge, P.