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2014Expression patterns and protein structure of a lipid transfer protein END1 from ArabidopsisLi, M.; Lopato, S.; Hrmova, M.; Pickering, M.; Shirley, N.; Koltunow, A.; Langridge, P.
2017The impact of drought on wheat leaf cuticle propertiesBi, H.; Kovalchuk, N.; Langridge, P.; Tricker, P.; Lopato, S.; Borisjuk, N.
2011Improvement of stress tolerance of wheat and barley by modulation of expression of DREB/CBF factorsMorran, S.; Eini Gandomani, O.; Pyvovarenko, T.; Parent, B.; Singh, R.; Ismagul, A.; Eliby, S.; Shirley, N.; Langridge, P.; Lopato, S.
2011Modulation of plant growth by HD-Zip class I and II transcription factors in response to environmental stimuliHarris, J.; Hrmova, M.; Lopato, S.; Langridge, P.
2012Characterization of the wheat gene encoding a grain-specific lipid transfer protein TdPR61, and promoter activity in wheat, barley and riceKovalchuk, N.; Gilson, J.; Bazanova, N.; Pyvovarenko, T.; Singh, R.; Shirley, N.; Ismagul, A.; Johnson, A.; Milligan, A.; Hrmova, M.; Langridge, P.; Lopato, S.
2013Complex regulation by Apetala2 domain-containing transcription factors revealed through analysis of the stress-responsive TdCor410b promoter from durum wheatEini Gandomani, O.; Yang, N.; Pyvovarenko, T.; Pillman, K.; Bazanova, N.; Tikhomirov, N.; Eliby, S.; Shirley, N.; Sivasankar, S.; Tingey, S.; Langridge, P.; Hrmova, M.; Lopato, S.
2010Defensin promoters as potential tools for engineering disease resistance in cereal grainsKovalchuk, N.; Li, M.; Wittek, F.; Reid, N.; Singh, R.; Shirley, N.; Ismagul, A.; Eliby, S.; Johnson, A.; Milligan, A.; Hrmova, M.; Langridge, P.; Lopato, S.
2008Spatial and temporal expression of endosperm transfer cell-specific promoters in transgenic rice and barleyLi, M.; Singh, R.; Bazanova, N.; Milligan, A.; Shirley, N.; Langridge, P.; Lopato, S.
2006Isolation of plant transcription factors using a modified yeast one-hybrid systemLopato, S.; Bazanova, N.; Morran, S.; Milligan, A.; Shirley, N.; Langridge, P.
2014Endosperm transfer cell-specific genes and proteins: structure, function and applications in biotechnologyLopato, S.; Borisjuk, N.; Langridge, P.; Hrmova, M.