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2014Copper isotope fractionation during equilibration with natural and synthetic ligandsRyan, B.; Kirby, J.; Degryse, F.; Scheiderich, K.; McLaughlin, M.
2013Copper speciation and isotopic fractionation in plants: uptake and translocation mechanismsRyan, B.; Kirby, J.; Degryse, F.; Harris, H.; McLaughlin, M.; Scheiderich, K.
2017Sulfur and zinc availability from co-granulated Zn-Enriched rlemental sulfur fertilizersMattiello, E.; Da Silva, R.; Degryse, F.; Baird, R.; Gupta, V.; McLaughlin, M.
2017Effects of pH and ionic strength on elemental sulphur oxidation in soilZhao, C.; Gupta, V.; Degryse, F.; McLaughlin, M.
2015Diffusion and solubility control of fertilizer-applied zinc: chemical assessment and visualizationDegryse, F.; Baird, R.; McLaughlin, M.
2015Responses of canola to the application of slow-release boron fertilizers and their residual effectAbat, M.; Degryse, F.; Baird, R.; McLaughlin, M.
2016Low effective surface area explains slow oxidation of co-granulated elemental sulfurZhao, C.; Degryse, F.; Gupta, V.; McLaughlin, M.
2016Effect of cogranulation on oxidation of elemental sulfur: theoretical model and experimental validationDegryse, F.; Da Silva, R.; Baird, R.; McLaughlin, M.
2016Availability of fertiliser sulphate and elemental sulphur to canola in two consecutive cropsDegryse, F.; Ajiboye, B.; Baird, R.; da Silva, R.; McLaughlin, M.
2015Natural colloidal P and its contribution to plant P uptakeMontalvo, D.; Degryse, F.; McLaughlin, M.