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Type: Journal article
Title: Lamination of the masticatory muscles in the kangaroo according to their innervation
Author: Nakajima, K.
Townsend, G.
Tomo, S.
Ide, Y.
Oka, K.
Wakatsuki, E.
Citation: Okajima's Folia Anatomica Japonica, 2000; 76(6):303-310
Publisher: Okajima Foria Anatomica Yaponika Henshubu
Issue Date: 2000
ISSN: 0030-154X
Abstract: An analysis of the laminations of the masseteric, zygomaticomandibular and temporalis muscles of the Red Kangaroo (Macropus Rufus) and all of the masticatory muscles of the Eastern Gray Kangaroo (Macropus Giganteus) was carried out based on their innervation. The masseteric muscle was divided into superficial and deep layers; the superficial layer was further subdivided into three laminae from the rostro-lateral portion to caudo-internal portion. The deep layer was divided into lateral, caudo-internal and rostro-internal laminae. The zygomaticomandibular muscle which was located between the masseteric and temporal muscles was divided into lateral, internal and rostral laminae, on the basis of its innervation. The lateral and internal laminae were innervated by the nerve which arises between the masseteric nerve and the posterior deep temporal nerve. A small rostral portion of the muscle was innervated by masseteric nerves, which passed through the internal lamina of the deep layer of the masseteric muscle. The temporalis muscle was innervated by an anterior deep temporal nerve and posterior deep temporal nerve. Only the most rostrointernal lamina of the temporalis muscle was innervated by the anterior deep temporal nerve. The anterior deep temporal nerve and lateral pterygoid nerve had a common trunk. We believe that the rostro-internal lamina was closely related to the lateral pterygoid muscle. The lateral pterygoid muscle displayed one lamina, whereas the medial pterygoid muscle was divided into internal and lateral laminae. The lateral lamina was further divided into rostro-internal and caudo-lateral laminae.
RMID: 0001000556
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