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2009Intercultural knowledge management: A competency model for the repatriation of expatriates in the Asia-PacificVelde, Christine Robyn
2010Intercultural knowledge management: Exploring models for repatriation competency transfer in the global workplaceVelde, Christine Robyn
2000Interculturalism and ethnic diversity: international perspectiveSmolicz, J. J.
2001Interferometric polarimetric synthetic aperture radar systemZhou, Zheng-Shu; Takasawa, Kenji; Sato, Motoyuki
2013International academics and their impact on students' expectations of study progress in Australian UniversitiesMaadad, N.
1999International and Ethnic Research in Education: Explorations across and between CulturesSmolicz, J. J.; Secombe, M. J.
2001International perspectives on competence in the workplace : research, policy, and practiceVelde, Christine Robyn
2001International research in ethnicity, culture and educationSmolicz, J.; Secombe, M.
2014International students’ cultural representations and their implications for intercultural learning in AustraliaMaire, Q.T.
2008Internet pollution discourses, exclusionary practices and the 'culture of over-blocking' within UK schoolsHope, A.
2008Introduction to the Special Issue: English for Research Publication PurposesCargill, M.; Burgess, S.
2010Introductions to Rasch model, SEM and HLM: Theory and applicationsAlagumalai, S.; Bakar, N.; APERA Conference (3rd : 2010 : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
2005IOCADS, Intelligent Online Computer Adaptive Diagnostic SystemsAlagumalai, Sivakumar
2008Irish roots, Australian rhizomes: ancestry and diasporic cultural identity in the works of Thomas Keneally and Christopher KochHabel, C.
2009Is intervention effective? Exploring the effects of the country areas programAldous, C.; Darmawan, I.; Keeves, J.
2013Is test anxiety a peril for students with intellectual disabilities?Datta, P.
2013Is the stateless (Bidoun Jinsiya) cause for spring in Kuwait? The right to peaceful community education reformKennedy, S.
2003Issues and approaches to competency based assessment in vocational education and training: a comparative studyVelde, Christine Robyn; European Conference on Educational Research (ECER-2003) (2003 : Hamburg, Germany)
2007Issues in language learningKeeves, J.; Darmawan, I.
2010It's all Greek to me! 'Learning guides' as pathways to academic literacy for international students at the University of Adelaide, AustraliaWarner, R.; ESP/EAP Conference (2nd : 2010 : Kavala, Greece)