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2001Sibling dilution hypothesis: A regression surface analysisMarjoribanks, Kevin Mcleod
2002Sibling effects, environmental influences, and school dropoutMarjoribanks, Kevin Mcleod
2004Sibling effects, environmental influences, and university attendance: a follow-up studyMarjoribanks, Kevin Mcleod
2007Silences and images in an Australian catholic school historyBurley, S.
2009Simulations for Teacher Education: Challenges and OpportunitiesSkrodal, S.; Alagumalai, S.; SimTecT 2009 (2009 : Adelaide)
2007Sister Carmel Bourke RSM (1907-1995): a lens through which to study religious and educational changeBurley, S.
1997Sister Jillian Havey, O.P. The Principal at the PrioryBurley, S. M.
2001Small languages never die, they only fade away: The case of Welsh in AustraliaHughes, Arthur F.
1995Snapshots of uncertainty: A new tool for the identification of students' conceptions of scientific phenomenaDawson, Chris J.; Rowell, J. A.
2007Social acceptance as a key to successful integrationMaadad, N.; Access, Inclusion and Success: Muslim Students at Australian Universities National Conference (1st : 2007 : Sydney, Aust.)
2007Social acceptance as a key to successful integrationMaadad, N.
2009Social capital and health in rural and urban communities in South AustraliaZiersch, A.; Baum, F.; Darmawan, I.; Kavanagh, A.; Bentley, R.
1999Social Context of EducationMarjoribanks, Kevin Mcleod
1997Social Status Attainment of 'Common Man' Young Adults: Kahl's Study ExtendedMarjoribanks, Kevin Mcleod
1997Social Status Attainment: Influence of Siblings' BackgroundMarjoribanks, Kevin Mcleod
1995Socio-cultural aspects in values communicationSmolicz, J. J.
2003Sociology as a science of culture: linguistic pluralism in Australia and BelarusSmolicz, J.; Secombe, M.
2012The sociology of education in Australia: a political and intellectual trajectoryMatthews, J.
2006Some problems in the analysis of cross-national survey dataKeeves, J.; Lietz, P.; Gregory, K.; Darmawan, I.
2005Sophie Charlotte Louisa Adams (1832-1891)Burley, Stephanie Mary