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2010Towards enhancing adaptive capacity for climate change response in South East QueenslandSmith, T.; Lynam, T.; Preston, B.; Matthews, J.; Carter, R.; Thomsen, D.; Carter, J.; Roiko, A.; Simpson, R.; Waterman, P.; Bussey, M.; Keys, N.; Stephenson, C.
2015Towards sustainable language and literacy practices for teacher learning in a secondary context: a focus on writingMaadad, N.
2002Tradition and modernity in an era of global changeSmolicz, J. J.
1999Tradycja i nowoczesnosc. Wyzwanie dla Azji (Tradition & Modernity: Challenges for Asia)Smolicz, J. J.
2012Try it on: Voice, concordancing and text-matching in doctoral writingGuerin, C.; Picard, M.
2002Two-level model of information technology adoption in local government of BaliDarmawan, I.; Keeves, J.
2015The twofold capital requirement of educational success: social closure in the International Baccalaureate Diploma in AustraliaMaire, Q.; The Australian Sociological Association Conference, TASA (23 Nov 2015 - 26 Nov 2015 : Cairns, Queensland)
2007Undergraduate nurse variables that predict academic achievement and clinical competence in nursingBlackman, I.; Hall, M.; Darmawan, I.
2014Understanding the cultural politics of Southeast Asian education through postcolonial theoryJoseph, C.; Matthews, J.
1995The uniting of Europe and cultural diversity: Australia in or out?Smolicz, J. J.
2014University responsibility in a world of environmental catastrophe: cognitive justice, engagement and an ethic of care in learningGarlick, S.; Matthews, J.
2010The use of issues-based scenarios to promote authentic learning and assessment in Higher EducationBaron, Judith Ann; Davenport, Ann
1998Using Clinical Interviews in Qualitative ResearchTruran, John Maxwell; Truran, Kathleen M.
2009Using Mulitlevel AnalysisDarmawan, I.; Keeves, J.
2008Values and approaches to learning: A longitudinal study involving students at an international universityMatthews, B.; Darmawan, I.; Lietz, P.; 19th International Congress of the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology (27 Jul 2008 : Germany)
2007Values and learning approaches of students at an international universityMatthews, B.; Lietz, P.; Darmawan, I.
2004Values: Taught or caught? Experience of Year 3 students in a Uniting Church schoolHunt, A.
2003VCS, Virtual Classroom SimulatorAlagumalai, Sivakumar
2007The virtual classroom simulation: Pre-service teacher training with ABMSSkrodal, S.; Alagumalai, S.; Lawson, M.; SimTecT 2007 (2007 : Brisbane, QLD, Australia)
2007Vision & choice ethical characteristics of academic development programsWillison, J.