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2011Academic Integrity Standards: A Preliminary Analysis of the Academic Integrity Policies at Australian UniversitiesBretag, T.; Mahmud, S.; East, J.; Green, M.; James, C.; McGowan, U.; Partridge, L.; Walker, R.; Wallace, M.; Australian Universities Quality Forum (2011 : Melbourne)
2009Academic self-efficacy in ALL: Capacity-building through self-beliefHabel, C.
2014Academic, industry and student perspectives on the inclusion of “vocational knowledge” in a ‘learning and teaching academic standards statement’ for agricultureBotwright Acuña, T.; Kelder, J.; Able, A.; Guisard, Y.; Bellotti, W.; McDonald, G.; Doyle, R.; Wormell, P.; Meinke, H.
2006Accountability of teachers and schools: A value-added approachDarmawan, I.; Keeves, J.
1997The Activation and Evaluation of Italian Language and Culture among Tertiary Students of Italian Ancestry in AustraliaChiro, G.; Smolicz, J. J.
2009Adaptation of Arab immigrants to AustraliaMaadad, N.
2015Adapting Australian coastal regions to climate changeSmith, T.; Low Choy, D.; Thomsen, D.; Serrao-Neumann, S.; Crick, F.; Sano, M.; Richards, R.; Harman, B.; Baum, S.; Myers, S.; Sharma, V.; Bussey, M.; Matthews, J.; Roiko, A.; Carter, R.
2013The adding of value to the processes and performance of a metropolitan school systemDarmawan, I.G.N.; Keeves, J.P.
2009Adding value to schooling in an educational revolutionAldous, C.; Darmawan, I.; Keeves, J.
2011ADHD in classrooms: a disorderly orderWescombe-Down, D.
2006Adolescents' cognitive habitus, learning environments, affective outcomes of schooling, and young adults' educational attainmentMarjoribanks, Kevin Mcleod
2001Adoption and implementation of information technology in Bali's local government: A comparison between single level path analyses using PLSPATH 3.01 and AMOS 4 and Multilevel Path Analyses using MPLUS 2.01Darmawan, I.
2010Advancing collaborative learning pedagogy with team learning systemsDarmawan, I.; Westphalen, L.; International Conference on e-Learning (5th : 2010 : Penang, Malaysia)
2013Advancing the performance of students and schools in the non-metropolitan and rural region of South AustraliaDarmawan, I.G.N.; Keeves, J.P.
1995Against a science of administrationMaddock, T. H.
2001Age and gender differences in the self-concept of South African studentsMarjoribanks, Kevin Mcleod; Mboya, Mzobanzi
2014Agency mechanics: gameplay design in survival horror video gamesHabel, C.; Kooyman, B.
2013ALL academics facilitating articulated learning for English as an additional language studentsWarner, R.; Picard, M.
2015An analytical psychology view of wholeness in artMatthews, R.
2006Annotated bibliographies can help maximize benefit of literature research skills exercisesCoulson, M.; McEntee, J.; Willison, J.; International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Conference (3rd : 2006 : Washington, DC)