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2001Back from the edge: Attitudes towards retrieving a minority language - The case study of Bable (Asturias, Spain) using a survey of teacher attitudesArnold, Lynn M. F.
1995Badley of Bedales: The making of an educational radicalBrice, I. D.
2008Balancing the expat equationVelde, Christine Robyn
2013Bayesian belief modeling of climate change impacts for informing regional adaptation optionsRichards, R.; Sano, M.; Roiko, A.; Carter, R.; Bussey, M.; Matthews, J.; Smith, T.
2011'Be original but not too original': Academic voice, textmatching and concordancing softwarePicard, M.; Guerin, C.
2016"Being and becoming" a researcher: building a reflective environment to create a transformative learning experience for undergraduate studentsNye, A.; Clark, J.
2004Belarusian as an endangered language: can the mother tongue of an independent state be made to die?Smolicz, J. J.; Radzik, Ryszard
1998Betraying history for pleasure and profit: Leon Carmen's 'My own sweet time'Westphalen, L.
2001Beyond learning objects: implications of metadataAlagumalai, Sivakumar; Larkin, Alan; Educational Research Coference (2001 : Flinders University, South Australia)
2011Big love: Managing a team of research supervisorsGuerin, C.; Green, I.; Bastalich, W.
2016Biopower and school surveillance technologies 2.0Hope, A.
2013Birds of a feather don't always flock together: user problems in identifying headwords in online English learner's dictionariesMiller, J.
2003Birth order, family environments, academic and affective outcomesMarjoribanks, Kevin Mcleod
2000Bisexualities: The ideology and practice of sexual contact with both men and womenAngelides, Steven
2015Blogging as community of practice: lessons for academic development?Guerin, C.; Carter, S.; Aitchison, C.
1998Border Crossing in 'Multicultural Australia': A study of Cultural ValenceSmolicz, J. J.; Hudson, D. M.; Secombe, M. J.
2000Border identities: nation and state at international frontiersSmolicz, Jerzy Jaroslaw
2014Building academic literacy and research skills by contributing to Wikipedia: a case study at an Australian universityMiller, J.
2015Building capacity for work-readiness: bridging the cognitive and affective domainsBandaranaike, S.; Willison, J.
2010C. Fellbaum (ed.), Idioms and Collocations : corpus-based linguistic and lexicographic studies (Book review)Miller, J.