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2015Ecological influences on teachers’ well-being and “fitness”Price, D.; McCallum, F.
2012Ecology, ontology and pedagogy at Camp CoorongMacGill, B.; Matthews, J.; Trevorrow, A.; Abdulla, A.; Rankine, D.
2009Ecoversity: towards a sustainable futureMatthews, J.; Garlick, S.; Smith, T.
2018Educating for collaborative practice: an interpretation of current achievements and thoughts for future directionsHudson, J.; Croker, A.
2013EducationWright, P.
1996Education and Cultural Democracy - The Search for a Multicultural NationSmolicz, J. J.
2013Education and culture: An Australian coeducational boarding school as a crucible for a culturally diverse life as seen through the eyes of the students themselves. A humanistic sociological studyWhite, M.
2008Education and imagination: a synthesis of Jung and VygotskyMatthews, R.; Liu, C.
1997Education for a Global SocietySmolicz, J. J.
2017Education for citizenship in South Australian public schools: a pilot study of senior leader and teacher perceptionsPeterson, A.; Bentley, B.
2016Educational heterotopia and student's use of FacebookHope, A.
2013The educational imagination and the sociology of education in AustraliaMatthews, J.
2000Educational policies and language maintenance in multilingual settings: Australia and the PhilippinesSmolicz, J.; Nical, I.; Secombe, M.
2013Effects of socioeconomic status, class size and ability grouping on science achievement: a sociological approachKeeves, J.; Hungi, N.; Darmawan, I.
2015Embedding an institution-wide capacity building opportunity around transition pedagogy: First Year Teaching and Learning Network CoordinatorsClark, J.; Gurney, L.; Lawrence, S.; Leece, R.; Malouff, J.; Masters, Y.; Reid, J.; Tasker, I.; Valenzuela, F.; Wilkes, J.
2001Embedding e-learning in the pre-service teaching of language and literacyAlagumalai, Sivakumar; Nielson, B.; Australian Teacher Education Association Conference (29th : 2001 : Melbourne, Victoria)
2016Embedding publication skills in science research training: a writing group programme based on applied linguistics frameworks and facilitated by a scientistCargill, M.; Smernik, R.
2015Embedding research skills in the curriculum design of a pathway programme for international studentsWarner, R.; Enomoto, K.
1995The emergence of Australia as a multicultural nation: An international perspectiveSmolicz, J. J.
2003Emerging information and communications technologyAlagumalai, S.