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2002OARS, Online Assessment Reporting System 2002Alagumalai, Sivakumar
1996Old way/new way: practical constructivism for teachersDawson, Chris J.; Lyndon, H.
2003OLWC, Online Workload CalculatorAlagumalai, Sivakumar
2011One newspaper's role in the demise of the Tasmanian Essential Learnings Curriculum: adding new understandings to Cohen's moral panic theory in analyzing curriculum changeRodwell, G.
2016Opening spaces of academic culture: doors of perception; heaven and hellHabel, C.; Whitman, K.
2012Operationalising persona: the academic public identityNg, E.; Barbour, K.; Moore, C.; Marshall, P.D.; 1st Celebrity Studies Inaugural Conference (12 Dec 2012 - 14 Dec 2012 : Melbourne, Vic.)
1997Ordinal position, family environment, and status attainment among Australian young adultsMarjoribanks, Kevin Mcleod
2014The other side of the student story: listening to the voice of the parentVelliaris, D.M.; Willis, C.R.
2005Our experiences and conclusionAlagumalai, S.
2011Out of the Community: establishing 'Women's Studies' as an academic disciplinePapadelos, P.
2014Outcomes and uptake of explicit research skill development across degree programsWillison, J.W.; Al Sarawi, S.; Bottema, C.; Hazel, S.; Henderson, U.; Karanicolas, S.; Kempster, S.; McGowan, U.; Miller, J.; Naidoo, K.; Ng, B.; Palmer, E.; Pyke, S.; Snelling, C.; Warner, R.; Wilmore, M.; Croy, G.; McCann, L.; Mayson, S.; Torres, L.; et al.; Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching
2005An Overview of the Historiography of Women Religious in AustraliaBurley, S.
1997Parents' and Young Adults' Individualism - Collectivism: Ethnic Group DifferencesMarjoribanks, Kevin Mcleod
2005Parents, teachers and children's school outcomes: a Taiwanese studyHung, C.; Marjoribanks, Kevin Mcleod
2012A participative evaluation model to refine academic support for first year Indigenous higher education studentsRossingh, B.; Dunbar, T.
2013Partnering students in practical researchOakley, S.; Michell, D.
1999Past Principals: 'The Public Pervasive Presence of Powerful Women in the Church' in South Australia 1880-1925Burley, Stephanie Mary
2009Pattern recognition for learning through simulationsSkrodal, S.; Ben, F.; Nallaya, S.; Alagumalai, S.; SimTecT 2009 (2009 : Adelaide)
2014Patterns and persistence in academic migration: 40 years of Australian academic migrationPotts, A.P.
2014Pedagogies of the Japanese diaspora: racialization and sexualization in AustraliaMatthews, J.; Nagata, Y.