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2014'Teach us how to do it properly!' An Australian academic integrity student surveyBretag, T.; Mahmud, S.; Wallace, M.; Walker, R.; McGowan, U.; East, J.; Green, M.; Partridge, L.; James, C.
2009Teacher commitmentAbd Razak, N.; Darmawan, I.; Keeves, J.
2011Teacher Education for new times: differentiate or dieAspland, T.
2010Teacher education in Australia: twisting and turning into the twenty first centuryAspland, T.
2012Teaching and Moral Tradition in Saudi Arabia: A Paradigm of Struggle or Pathway Towards Globalization?Elyas, T.; Picard, M.
1995Teaching in many tongues: Language schools in AustraliaSmolicz, J. J.; Secombe, M. J.
2004Teaching out of the unconscious: the role of shadow and archetypeAlagumalai, S.; Matthews, R.; Gibbons, M.; Dutney, A.F.
2013Teaching professional ethics in culinary studiesShani, Amir; Belhassen, Yaniv; Soskolne, Daniel
2009Teaching scienceKeeves, J.; Darmawan, I.
2013Teaching with emotional intelligence: a step by step guide for higher and further education professionals, 2nd editionHabel, C.
2015A theory for educational research: socialisation theory and symbolic interactionPotts, A.P.
2008Thesis writing as a feminist project: negotiating space for women's embodied selves in new scholarshipGill, J.; Matthews, J.; Zannettino, L.; Carroll, T.
2015'They're the bosses': feedback in team supervisionGuerin, C.; Green, I.
2015Thinking scientifically: understanding measurement and errorsAlagumalai, S.
1989Thomas Garter’s Susanna: ‘Pollicie’ and ‘True report’Kerr, H.
2012To match or not to match? Voice, concordancing and textmatching in doctoral writingGuerin, C.; Picard, M.; International Plagiarism Conference (5th : 2012 : Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK)
2014Towards a conceptual profile: rethinking conceptual mediation in the light of recent cognitive and neuroscientific findingsDawson, C.
2012Towards a globalized notion of English language teaching in Saudi Arabia: a case studyElyas, T.; Picard, M.
2010Towards enhancing adaptive capacity for climate change response in South East QueenslandSmith, T.; Lynam, T.; Preston, B.; Matthews, J.; Carter, R.; Thomsen, D.; Carter, J.; Roiko, A.; Simpson, R.; Waterman, P.; Bussey, M.; Keys, N.; Stephenson, C.
2015Towards sustainable language and literacy practices for teacher learning in a secondary context: a focus on writingMaadad, N.