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2011Secondary school students' participation in sports and their parents' level of support: a qualitative study from six Adelaide schoolsManiam, Vegneskumar; Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation International Conference (27th : 2011 : Adelaide); ACHPER 2011
2013Is test anxiety a peril for students with intellectual disabilities?Datta, P.
2013Stateless aesthetics: feminist human rights discourse on statelessness in KuwaitKennedy, S.; International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences (Prague, Czech Republic)
2013The shackled school internet: zemiological solutions to the problem of over-blockingHope, A.
2012An anthropological and literary study of two Australian Aboriginal women’s life histories : the impacts of enforced child removal and policies of assimilationWestphalen, L.
2013The prospects of a virtual sex education: a reviewTalukdar, J.
2011Florian Znaniecki's humanistic sociology in Australian studies on cultural and linguistic diversity and the implications for educationManiam, Vegneskumar; Multiculturalism: Perspectives from Australia, Canada and China (2011 : Sydney)
2010Disciplinary cultures in an Australian college of advanced educationPotts, A.; Edwards, D.; Smith, D.
2013Left/right neck rotation judgments are affected by age, gender, handedness and image rotationWallwork, S.; Butler, D.; Fulton, I.; Stewart, H.; Darmawan, I.; Moseley, G.
2011'Half-pregnant with Bartlett's baby': contested policies in Tasmanian post-secondary education - 2007-2010 - through the lens of Kingdon's 'agendas'Rodwell, G.