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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A theory for educational research: socialisation theory and symbolic interactionPotts, A.P.
2017Education for citizenship in South Australian public schools: a pilot study of senior leader and teacher perceptionsPeterson, A.; Bentley, B.
2015Thinking scientifically: understanding measurement and errorsAlagumalai, S.
2017Doctoral supervisor development in Australian universities: Preparing research supervisors to teach writingGuerin, C.; Walker, R.; Aitchison, C.; Mattarozzi Laming, M.; Chatterjee Padmanabhan, M.; James, B.
2014Academic, industry and student perspectives on the inclusion of “vocational knowledge” in a ‘learning and teaching academic standards statement’ for agricultureBotwright Acuña, T.; Kelder, J.; Able, A.; Guisard, Y.; Bellotti, W.; McDonald, G.; Doyle, R.; Wormell, P.; Meinke, H.
2016Golden proportion: Why the Golden Proportion really is goldenBentley, B.
2015Exploring the connections between Philosophy for Children and character education: Some implications for moral education?Peterson, A.; Bentley, B.
2018Educating for collaborative practice: an interpretation of current achievements and thoughts for future directionsHudson, J.; Croker, A.
2013Learning outcomes assessment and history: TEQSA, the After Standards Project and the QA/QI challenge in AustraliaBrawley, S.; Clark, J.; Dixon, C.; Ford, L.; Ross, S.; Upton, S.; Nielsen, E.
2016"Being and becoming" a researcher: building a reflective environment to create a transformative learning experience for undergraduate studentsNye, A.; Clark, J.