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2014The gift of writing groups: Critique, community and confidenceGuerin, C.
2014Examining the utility of Assessment Literacy Inventory and its portability to education systems in the Asia Pacific regionHailaya, W.; Alagumalai, S.; Ben, F.
2014Equity, opportunity and education in postcolonial Southeast AsiaJoseph, C.; Matthews, J.
2014Student perspectives on transitioning to university in South Australia: exploring skill needs identified by commencing enabling program studentsStokes, J.
2014Towards a conceptual profile: rethinking conceptual mediation in the light of recent cognitive and neuroscientific findingsDawson, C.
2014Outcomes and uptake of explicit research skill development across degree programsWillison, J.W.; Al Sarawi, S.; Bottema, C.; Hazel, S.; Henderson, U.; Karanicolas, S.; Kempster, S.; McGowan, U.; Miller, J.; Naidoo, K.; Ng, B.; Palmer, E.; Pyke, S.; Snelling, C.; Warner, R.; Wilmore, M.; Croy, G.; McCann, L.; Mayson, S.; Torres, L.; et al.; Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching
2014'Teach us how to do it properly!' An Australian academic integrity student surveyBretag, T.; Mahmud, S.; Wallace, M.; Walker, R.; McGowan, U.; East, J.; Green, M.; Partridge, L.; James, C.
2014The development of student research skills in second year plant biologyLoveys, B.; Kaiser, B.; McDonald, G.; Kravchuk, O.; Gilliham, M.; Tyerman, S.; Able, A.
2014Pedagogies of the Japanese diaspora: racialization and sexualization in AustraliaMatthews, J.; Nagata, Y.
2014Assessing employee wellbeing in schools using a multifaceted approach: associations with physical health, life satisfaction, and professional thrivingKern, M.L.; Waters, L.; Adler, A.; White, M.