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2018RNA catabolites contribute to the nitrogen pool and support growth recovery of wheatMelino, V.; Casartelli, A.; George, J.; Rupasinghe, T.; Roessner, U.; Okamoto, M.; Heuer, S.
2018Can we maintain productivity on broad acre dairy farms during early transition from mineral to compost fertilization?Drake, J.; Patti, A.; Whan, K.; Jackson, W.; Cavagnaro, T.
2018Evaluation of the ability of commercial wine yeasts to form biofilms (mats) and adhere to plastic: implications for the microbiota of the winery environmentTek, E.; Sundstrom, J.; Gardner, J.; Oliver, S.; Jiranek, V.
2018A field and controlled environment evaluation of wheat (Triticum aestivum) adaptation to heat stressTelfer, P.; Edwards, J.; Bennett, D.; Ganesalingam, D.; Able, J.; Kuchel, H.
2018Identification and characterisation of a previously unknown drought tolerance-associated microRNA in barleyZhou, H.; Hussain, S.; Hackenberg, M.; Bazanova, N.; Eini, O.; Li, J.; Gustafson, P.; Shi, B.
2018Experimental reconstruction of double-stranded break repair-mediated plastid DNA insertion into the tobacco nucleusWang, D.; Gu, J.; David, R.; Wang, Z.; Yang, S.; Searle, I.; Zhu, J.-.K.; Timmis, J.
2018The application of a spectrophotometric method to determine pH in acidic (pH < 5) soilsBargrizan, S.; Smernik, R.; Fitzpatrick, R.; Mosley, L.
2018A novel framework for identifying the interactions between biophysical and social components of an agricultural system: a guide for improving wheat production in Haryana, NW IndiaCoventry, D.; Poswal, R.; Yadav, A.; Zhou, Y.; Riar, A.; Kumar, A.; Sharma, R.; Chhokar, R.; Gupta, R.; Mehta, A.; Chand, R.; Denton, M.; Cummins, J.
2018Effects of heat exposure from late sowing on the agronomic and technological quality of tetraploid wheatSissons, M.; Pleming, D.; Taylor, J.; Emebiri, L.; Collins, N.
2018A rice glutamyl-tRNA synthetase modulates early anther cell division and patterningYang, X.; Li, G.; Tian, Y.; Song, Y.; Liang, W.; Zhang, D.
2018Vine age effects on vine performance of Shiraz in the Barossa Valley, AustraliaGrigg, D.; Methven, D.; De Bei, R.; Rodriguez Lopez, C.; Dry, P.; Collins, C.
2018Root ideotype influences nitrogen transport and assimilation in maizeDechorgnat, J.; Francis, K.; Dhugga, K.; Rafalski, J.; Tyerman, S.; Kaiser, B.
2018Cryptic Plutella species show deep divergence despite the capacity to hybridizePerry, K.; Baker, G.; Powis, K.; Kent, J.; Ward, C.; Baxter, S.
2018The wheat TabZIP2 transcription factor is activated by the nutrient starvation-responsive SnRK3/CIPK protein kinaseLuang, S.; Sornaraj, P.; Bazanova, N.; Jia, W.; Eini, O.; Hussain, S.; Kovalchuk, N.; Agarwal, P.; Hrmova, M.; Lopato, S.
2018Hypoxia in grape berries: the role of seed respiration and lenticels on the berry pedicel and the possible link to cell deathXiao, Z.; Rogiers, S.; Sadras, V.; Tyerman, S.
2018Method for hull-less barley transformation and manipulation of grain mixed-linkage beta-glucanLim, W.; Collins, H.; Singh, R.; Kibble, N.; Yap, K.; Taylor, J.; Fincher, G.; Burton, R.
2018A theoretical exploration of dietary collective medication in social insectsPoissonnier, L.; Lihoreau, M.; Gomez-Moracho, T.; Dussutour, A.; Buhl, J.
2018High throughput SNP discovery and genotyping in hexaploid wheatRimbert, H.; Darrier, B.; Navarro, J.; Kitt, J.; Choulet, F.; Leveugle, M.; Duarte, J.; Rivière, N.; Eversole, K.; Le Gouis, J.; Davassi, A.; Balfourier, F.; Le Paslier, M.; Berard, A.; Brunel, D.; Feuillet, C.; Poncet, C.; Sourdille, P.; Paux, E.
2018Chiral polyfunctional thiols and their conjugated precursors upon winemaking with five Vitis vinifera Sauvignon blanc clonesChen, L.; Capone, D.; Tondini, F.; Jeffery, D.
2018Loss and formation of malodorous volatile sulfhydryl compounds during wine storageKreitman, G.; Elias, R.; Jeffery, D.; Sacks, G.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 5719