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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Estimation of impact severity in pedestrian accidents using accident investigation, computer simulation & physical reconstructionAnderson, R.; Streeter, L.; McLean, A.; Road Safety Research, Policing and Education Conference (26 Nov 2000 : Brisbane, Australia)
2000The biomechanics of axonal injury in a sheep model of brain injuryAnderson, R.; Impact Biomechanics Australia Conference: Neck Injury 2000 (16 Mar 2000 : Sydney, Australia)
2000The use of simulation to assess human tolerance to injuryGibson, T.; Benetatos, E.; Anderson, R.; Brown, J.; Deflou, J.; Waite, P.; Gorrie, C.; Simtech 2000 (28 Feb 2000 : Sydney, Australia)
2000The development of a protective headband for car occupantsAnderson, R.; White, K.; McLean, A.
1996Pedestrian accidents on arterial roadsMcLean, J.; Anderson, R.; Farmer, M.
2003Impact mechanics and axonal injury in a sheep modelAnderson, R.; Brown, C.; Blumbergs, P.; McLean, A.; Jones, N.
1997Vehicle travel speeds and the incidence of fatal pedestrian crashesAnderson, R.; McLean, J.; Farmer, M.; Lee, B.; Brooks, C.
2011Biomechanical responses in an ovine model of non-accidental head injury (shaken baby syndrome)Sandoz, B.; Anderson, R.; Liu, Q.; Helps, S.; Finnie, J.; Blumbergs, P.; Vink, R.; XXIII International Society of Biomechanics Congress (ISB2011) (03 Jul 2011 - 07 Jul 2011 : Brussels, Belgium)
2008Vehicle improvements to reduce the number and severity of rear end crashesAnderson, R.; Baldock, M.
2003The large animal model and the human in head injury researchMcLean, A.; Anderson, R.; International Conference on Closed Head Trauma (27 Jan 2003 - 30 Jan 2003 : San Juan, Puerto Rico)