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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Modelling of the Southern Expressway Using Paramics Microsimulation SoftwareWoolley, J.; Taylor, M.; Zito, R.
2007An effective tool for advanced traveller's information systems developmentZhang, K.; Woolley, J.; Stazic, B.; State of Australian Cities Conference (3rd : 2007 : Adelaide, S. Aust.)
2003Integrated multi-nodal traffic network systemsVogiatzis, N.; Ikeda, H.; Woolley, J.; He, Y.
2002A Microsimulation Model of Truck Speeds on GradesFry, J.; Woolley, J.; Taylor, M.; Canadian Society for Civil Engineers. Annual Conference (30th : 2002 : Montreal, Canada)
2004A stated preference survey for investigating route choice behaviour in AdelaideFurusawa, H.; Woolley, J.; Yue, W.; Australasian Transport Research Forum (27th : 2004 : Adelaide, Australia)
2003Microsimulation modelling of traffic flow on two-way two-lane rural roads: past, present and futureFry, J.; Taylor, M.; Woolley, J.; Australian Road Research Board Conference (21st : 2003 : Cairns, Qld.)
2001Lower urban speed limits - trading off safety, mobility and environmental impactDyson, C.; Taylor, M.; Woolley, J.; Zito, R.; Australasian Transport Research Forum (24th : 2001 : Hobart, TAS.)
2003Effects of ITS implementations - INMS and ATIS - on greenhouse gas and air quality emissions in an urban road corridor, assessed using an instrumented probe vehicle and microsimulation modellingTaylor, M.; Zito, R.; Woolley, J.; World Conference on Transport Research (9th : 2001 : Seoul, Korea)
2001Outcomes from the South Australian road safety media evaluation studyTaylor, M.; Woolley, J.; Dyson, C.; National Speed and Road Safety Conference (2001 : Adelaide, S. Aust.)
2001Literature review on best practice with mass mediaWoolley, J.; National Speed and Road Safety Conference (2001 : Adelaide, S. Aust.)