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1989Gamma glutamyltransferase activity. Blood alcohol concentration and suspension history of injured male drivers and ridersHolubowycz, Oksana T.
2015A GPS-based examination of the mobility and exposure to risk of older drivers from rural and urban areasThompson, J.; Baldock, M.; Mathias, J.; Wundersitz, L.
2000Graduated driver licensing in South AustraliaBaldock, M.; O'Connor, P.; Giles, L.
1994The hazards of utility polesMcLean, Jack
1996A head impact model of early axonal injury in the sheepLewis, S.; Finnie, J.; Blumbergs, P.; Scott, G.; Manavis, J.; Brown, C.; Reilly, P.; Jones, N.; McLean, J.
1993Head injuries from road accidents: a diminishing problem?North, B.; Oatey, P.; Jones, N.; Simpson, Donald A.; McLean, Jack
1984Head injuries in country and city - a study of hospital separations in South AustraliaWoodward, Alistair J.; Dorsch, Margaret M.; Simpson, Donald A.
1992Head injuries in infants and children: measures to reduce mortality and morbidity in road accidentsSimpson, D.; Blumbergs, P.; McLean, J.; Scott, G.
1991Head injuries in infants and young children: the value of a Paediatric Coma ScaleSimpson, D.; Cockington, R.; Hanieh, A.; Raftos, J.; Reilly, P.
2011Heavy vehicle road safety: A scan of recent literatureRaftery, S.; Grigo, J.; Woolley, J.
1988Helmet-induced skull base fracture in a motorcyclistCooter, R.; David, D.; McLean, J.; Simpson, D.
1997Helmets and bicycle-related injuries in QueenslandSimpson, Donald A.; McLean, Jack
1989Helmets for motorcyclists: are there any medical grounds for exemption?Trinca, G.; Simpson, Donald A.
1990History of drink driving legislation in South AustraliaFreund, J. R.
2016How safe are children when transported by bicycle?Oxley, J.; O'Hern, S.; Raftery, S.; Woolley, J.
2007How to find multiple systems underlying a two-way table of Os and 1s with applications to cognitive impairments and medical laboratory scienceHutchinson, T.
1998How travelling speed relates to the risk of crash involvementKloeden, C.; McLean, J.
1992Human factors in rural road crashesRyan, Gerald Anthony; Barker, Jennifer B.; Wright, John N.; McLean, Jack
2005Identifying young driver subtypes: Relationship to risky driving and crash involvementWundersitz, L.; Burns, N.
2003Impact mechanics and axonal injury in a sheep modelAnderson, R.; Brown, C.; Blumbergs, P.; McLean, A.; Jones, N.