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1997Axonal Injury in fallsAbou-Hamden, A.; Blumbergs, P.; Scott, G.; Manavis, J.; Wainwright, H.; Jones, N.; McLean, J.
2005Better sampling, more analyses, bigger laboratories?Hutchinson, Paul
2006Beyond interaction: theoriesHutchinson, T.
2011Biomechanical responses in an ovine model of non-accidental head injury (shaken baby syndrome)Sandoz, B.; Anderson, R.; Liu, Q.; Helps, S.; Finnie, J.; Blumbergs, P.; Vink, R.; XXIII International Society of Biomechanics Congress (ISB2011) (03 Jul 2011 - 07 Jul 2011 : Brussels, Belgium)
2014Biomechanical studies in an ovine model of non-accidental head injuryAnderson, R.; Sandoz, B.; Dutschke, J.; Finnie, J.; Turner, R.; Blumbergs, P.; Manavis, J.; Vink, R.
1997Biomechanics of closed head injuryMcLean, J.; Anderson, R.
2005Biomechanics of closed head injuryAnderson, R.; McLean, A.
2012Blackspot remediation and options for improving the processHutchinson, T.
1998Brain injuries in pedestrian, motorcyclist and car occupant fatalitiesMcLean, Jack
1996Brain injury without head impact?McLean, Jack
1995Brain injury without head impact?McLean, Jack
2006Broader lessons from the O-BahnHutchinson, Paul
2008Cannabis and the Risk of Crash InvolvementBaldock, M.
2016A causal model of crash test pulses: effect of impact speed on deformation and other variablesHutchinson, T.
1991Cervical spine injuries in car occupantsRyan, Gerald Anthony
1989Cervical spine injuries in road traffic crashes in South AustraliaCain, C.; Ryan, G.; Fraser, R.; Potter, G.; McLean, J.; McCaul, K.; Simpson, D.
2016Changing licensing trends and travel mode choices of young adultsBailey, T.; Wundersitz, L.; Raftery, S.; Baldock, M.; Smith, R.
2012Characteristics of alcohol impaired road users involved in casualty crashesLindsay, V.L.; Motor Accident Commission; Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
2007Characteristics of rollover crashesMcLean, J.; Kloeden, C.; Ponte, G.
2010Child cyclist traffic casualties: The situation in South AustraliaHutchinson, T.; Kloeden, C.; Long, A.