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2015Accelerations relevant to blunt trauma: theory and dataHutchinson, T.
2007Adult pedal cycle casualties in South AustraliaHutchinson, T.; Kloeden, C.; Long, A.
1994Age, sex and blood alcohol concentration of killed and injured drivers, riders and passengersHolubowycz, O.; Kloeden, C.; McLean, J.
1995Age, sex and blood alcohol concentration of killed and injured pedestrians.Holubowycz, Oksana T.
2012Age-based selection of child restraintsAnderson, R.; Hutchinson, T.
2003Agreement between experts: an answer, but is it the answer for you?Hutchinson, T.
1984Alcohol and fatal injuries of the head and spineMcLean, Jack; Antonio, John D.; North, J. B.; Simpson, Donald A.; Woodward, Alistair J.
2010Alcohol and pedestriansHutchinson, T.; Kloeden, C.; Lindsay, V.
1980Alcohol and road accidents in Australia: corroborative population-based evidenceMcMichael, Anthony John; McLean, Jack
1980Alcohol and road safetyMcLean, Jack
1983Alcohol, drugs and road accidentsMcLean, Jack
2004Analysis of datasets showing which compounds kill which organisms: inferring two systemsHutchinson, T.
2015An analysis of driver behaviour through rural curves - exploratory results on driver speedTurner, B.; Woolley, J.; Cairney, P.
2011An analysis of head impact severity in simulations of collisions between pedestrians and SUVs/work utility vehicles, and sedansAnderson, R.; Doecke, S.
1998Analysis of South Australian Accident Data Involving Child CyclistsBaldock, M.
2010Anthropometric characterization of spleen in childrenCoquet, Benjamin; Sandoz, Baptiste; Savoie, Pierre-Henri; Thollon, Lionel; Serre, Thierry; Brunet, Christian
2010Anthropometric characterization of the child liverPauleau, Ghislain; Sandoz, Baptiste; Thollon, Lionel; Serre, Thierry; Brunet, Christian
2014Assessing the congruence of worker and workplace using the proximities of their RIASEC typesHutchinson, T.
1988Assessing the conscious level in infants and young children: a paediatric version of the Glasgow Coma ScaleReilly, P.; Simpson, D.; Sprod, R.; Thomas, L.
2017Average and standard deviation of remaining lifetimeHutchinson, T.