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2012The effect of impact speed on the HIC obtained in pedestrian headform testsSearson, D.; Anderson, R.; Hutchinson, T.
2005Effect of lower default urban speed limit on speeds in South AustraliaKloeden, C.; Woolley, J.; McLean, A.
1993The effect of random breath testing on perception of likelihood of apprehension and on illegal drink-drivingMoore, V.; Barker, J.; Ryan, G.; McLean, J.
2016Effect of storage tank size on the minimization of water distribution system cost and greenhouse gas emissions while considering time-dependent emissions factorsStokes, C.S.; Maier, H.R.; Simpson, A.R.
2007An effective tool for advanced traveller's information systems developmentZhang, K.; Woolley, J.; Stazic, B.; State of Australian Cities Conference (3rd : 2007 : Adelaide, S. Aust.)
1987The effects of demographic changes on road accident fatality ratesMcLean, Jack; Heyworth, J. S.
1991Embolism of cerebral tissue: a cause of coagulopathy and cerebral infarction? Report of a caseSimpson, D.; Speed, I.; Blumbergs, P.
2017Energy attenuation performance of impact protection worn by motorcyclists in real-world crashesAlbanese, B.; Gibson, T.; Whyte, T.; Meredith, L.; Savino, G.; de Rome, L.; Baldock, M.; Fitzharris, M.; Brown, J.
1997EpidemiologyFearnside, Michael R.; Simpson, Donald A.
1995EpidemiologySimpson, Donald A.; McLean, Jack
1986Epidemiology and clinical outcomes of neurotrauma in New South WalesRing, I. T.; Berry, G.; Dan, N. G.; Kwok, B.; Mandryk, J. A.; North, J. B.; Selecki, B. R.; Sewell, M. F.; Simpson, Donald A.; Stening, W. A.; Vanderfield, G. K.
2014Equations for depth of penetration of projectilesHutchinson, T.
2016An estimate of the effectiveness of an in-vehicle automatic collision notification system in reducing road crash fatalities in South AustraliaPonte, G.; Ryan, G.; Anderson, R.
2017An estimate of the future road safety benefits of autonomous emergency braking and vehicle-to-vehicle communication technologiesDutschke, J.; Searson, D.; Ponte, G.; Hutchinson, T.; Anderson, R.; Lydon, M.
1994Estimated and measured blood alcohol levels in the night-time driving populationKloeden, C.; Moore, V.; McLean, J.
2001The evaluation of a South Australian 40 km/h speed limitWoolley, J.; Dyson, C.; Taylor, M.
2002An evaluation of coin operated breath testing machines in South Australian licensed premises in alcohol, drugs and traffic safetyWundersitz, L.; International Conference on Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety (16th : 2002 : Montreal, Canada)
2002Evidence for inhibition between pitting events on carbon steelHutchinson, T.
2007Evidence-based anything - priorities for librariansHutchinson, T.; Meier, A.
1984An examination of the crashworthiness of light forward control passenger vehiclesPaix, B. R.