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1984Let your little light shine: the case for eye-level brake lightsSomers, R.
2006Limb alignment in computer-assisted minimally-invasive unicompartmental knee replacementKeene, G.; Simpson, D.; Kalairajah, Y.
2006Linearising the ROC and detecting asymmetry - a credit rating exampleHutchinson, T.
2008Linkage of police and hospital data on road crashesHutchinson, T.
1986Logistics of early management of head and spinal injuriesSimpson, Donald A.; Kwok, B.; North, J. B.; Ring, I. T.; Selecki, B. R.; Sewell, M. F.
1986Measuring severity of head injury by mail questionnaireDorsch, M.; Somers, R.
2011The mechanics of the in vivo infant and toddler trunk during respiratory physiotherapySandoz, Baptiste; Vajda, Emmanuel; Alonzo, Francois; Bruyere, Karine; Bermond, Francois
1994Mechanisms of brain injury related to mathematical modelling and epidemiological dataWillinger, R.; Ryan, Gerald Anthony; McLean, Jack; Kopp, C. M.
1995Mechanisms of InjurySimpson, Donald A.; McLean, Jack
1992Medical certificates exempting motorcyclists from wearing helmets: an Australian experienceSimpson, Donald A.; Brazenor, G. A.; Dan, N. G.; McLean, Jack
2007A method for intra-experimental validation of head impact acceleration measurementsAnderson, R.
2016A method of constructing models of reaction to an imminent road crashHutchinson, T.
1994A method of estimating linear and angular accelerations in head impacts to pedestriansVilenius, A.; Ryan, G.; Kloeden, C.; McLean, J.; Dolinis, J.
2014A model for determining injury risk on the basis of impact speedGockowiak, K.; Anderson, R.; Searson, D.; International Research Council on the Biomechanics of Injury (IRCOBI) (10 Sep 2014 - 12 Sep 2014 : Berlin, Germany)
2002Modeling bivariate ordinal contingency tables arising in studies of interobserver variation, with application to cervical screeningHutchinson, T.; Gudlaugsdottir, S.
2019Modelling a quad-bike rollover mechanism when traversing an asymmetric bumpHicks, D.; Mongiardini, M.; Grzebieta, R.; Rechnitzer, G.; Simmons, K.
2002Modelling errors in scoring the darkness of stainingHutchinson, T.; Gudlaugsdottir, S.
2001Modelling of the Southern Expressway Using Paramics Microsimulation SoftwareWoolley, J.; Taylor, M.; Zito, R.
2003Modelling the environmental adaption of a collector road in an area of high pedestrian activity in the city of khon keanKlungboonkrong, P.; Woolley, J.
1983Motorcycle accidents in NottinghamshireWoodward, Alistair J.