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2018Near-miss crashes and other predictors of motorcycle crashes: findings from a population-based surveyde Rome, L.; Brown, J.; Baldock, M.; Fitzharris, M.
1994Neck strain in car occupants: injury status after 6 months and crash-related factorsRyan, G.; Taylor, G.; Moore, V.; Dolinis, J.
1993Neck strain in car occupants: the influence of crash-related factors on initial severityRyan, G.; Taylor, G.; Moore, V.; Dolinis, J.
1984Neurological injuries in South Australia: the influence of distance on management and outcomeSimpson, Donald A.; North, Brian; Gilligan, John Eugene; McLean, Jack; Woodward, Alistair J.; Antonio, John D.; Altree, Peter
2012Neuropathological changes in a lamb model of non-accidental head injury (the shaken baby syndrome)Finnie, J.; Blumbergs, P.; Manavis, J.; Turner, R.; Helps, S.; Vink, R.; Byard, R.; Chidlow, G.; Sandoz, B.; Dutschke, J.; Anderson, R.
1986NeurotraumaSimpson, Donald A.
1988Neurotrauma - the Australian experienceSimpson, Donald A.; McLean, Jack
1989Neurotrauma in country hospitals: the role of Computerized Tomography scanningSimpson, Donald A.; Worth, R. J.
1985Neurotrauma on two wheelsMcLean, Jack
1994Neurotrauma without neurosurgeons?Simpson, Donald A.
1991A new method of breath testing the general driving populationHolubowycz, Oksana T.; McLean, Jack; McCaul, Kieran Anthony
2009A new strategy is an opportunity for leadershipLydon, M.
1983New ways to use the 1980 Abbreviated Injury Scale: a guide to evaluating threat to lifeSomers, R.
1994Non-accidental head injury in childrenSimpson, D.; Reilly, P.
1989Non-fatal injuries among motorcyclists treated as inpatients in a general hospitalWong, T. W.; Phoon, W. O.; Lee, Jaclyn; Yiu, P. C.; Fung, K. P.; Smith, Geoff; McLean, Jack
2003A notation for the structure of cognitive processes, with application to patterns of verb-processing impairmentHutchinson, T.
2002On decision-making when a risk is discoveredHutchinson, T.
2008On ratings of comfort and exertion by visual display unit users and ratings of workplace layout and working posture by expert egronomistsHutchinson, T.
1983On the cost of repealing motorcycle helmet lawsSomers, R.
2004On the rare earth element concentrations in eight Jurassic metapelites from the Tailuko belt, Eastern TaiwanHutchinson, T.