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1997Pare as a neurosurgeonSimpson, Donald A.
2001Partial knowledge and answer-until-correct tasks in birds and humansHutchinson, T.
2008Patterns of can and cannot: Condensing data on success versus failure of several patients at several tasks, and attempting to infer mental structureHutchinson, Paul; Better Choices Better Health: Improving Compensation Outcomes (2008 : Adelaide, Australia)
2005Patterns of melanoma antigen-A expression in lung cancer patientsHutchinson, T.; Mecklenburg, I.; Kufer, P.
2014Peak acceleration during impact with helmet materials: effects of impactor mass and speedHutchinson, T.
1996Pedestrian accidents on arterial roadsMcLean, J.; Anderson, R.; Farmer, M.
2008Pedestrian collisions in South AustraliaAnderson, R.
2000The pedestrian friendliness of popular cars sold in Australia: a report on the results of preliminary sybsystem testsAnderson, Robert William Gerard; Streeter, Luke Daniel; McLean, Jack; Sommariva, Marleen; White, Kirsty
2012Pedestrian headform testing: inferring performance at impact speeds and for headform masses not tested, and estimating average performance in a range of real-world conditionsHutchinson, T.; Anderson, R.; Searson, D.
2003Pedestrian subsystem head impact results reflect the severity of pedestrian head injuriesAnderson, R.; Streeter, L.; Ponte, G.; van de Griend, M.; Lindsay, V.; McLean, A.
2008Personality and attitudinal predictors of traffic offences among young drivers - a prospective analysisWundersitz, L.; Burns, N.
2009Phenomenological continuous contact-impact modelling for multi-body simulations of pedestrian-vehicle contact interactions based on experimental dataAnderson, R.; Long, A.; Serre, T.
2014Phone use while driving: results from an observational surveyWundersitz, L.
1991Pontomedullary tear in a speed boat accident: report of a case with MRI diagnosisBlumbergs, P.; Oatey, P.; Sandhu, A.; Thomas, A.; Simpson, D.
1989Pontomedullary tears and other gross brainstem injuries after vehicular accidentsSimpson, D.; Blumbergs, P.; Cooter, R.; Kilminster, M.; McLean, J.; Scott, G.
2003A Possible Explanation of Statistical Interaction, With Application to the Effects of Soluble Thrombomodulin and Soluble Intercellular Adhesion Molecule-1 on Coronary Heart DiseaseHutchinson, T.
2001The presumed influence of attention on accuracy in the developmental eye movement (DEM) testHutchinson, T.
2016The prevalence of crash risk factors in a population-based study of motorcycle ridersde Rome, L.; Fitzharris, M.; Baldock, M.; Fernandes, R.; Ma, A.; Brown, J.
1986Preventable causes of death and disability from neurotraumaSelecki, B. R.; Berry, G.; Dan, N. G.; Kwok, B.; Mandryk, J. A.; North, J. B.; Ring, I. T.; Sewell, M. F.; Simpson, Donald A.; Stening, W. A.; Vanderfield, G. K.
2003Probabilities relevant to detecting poorly performing traineesHutchinson, T.