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1984R.W. Crandall and L.B. Lave (eds).: The Scientific Basis of Health and Safety RegulationSomers, R.
2005Randomised experimentation in evaluating transport and transport safety interventionsHutchinson, T.
2002Rare earth elements in three fluorites: graphical comparison of data and model. Comment to "Mathematical analysis of rare earth element patterns of fluorites from the Ehrenfriedersdorf tin deposit, Germany: Evidence for a hydrothermal mixing processHutchinson, T.
2007Rate-dependent multibody impact modelling for pedestrian crash simulationAnderson, R.
2005Recent advantages of lower speed limits in AustraliaWoolley, Jeremy Edwards
1988Reducing traffic injury - a global challengeTrinca, G. W.; Johnston, I. R.; Campbell, B. J.; Haight, F. A.; Knight, P. R.; Mackay, G. M.; McLean, Jack; Petrucelli, E.
2012Reflections on speed control from a public health perspectiveMcLean, A.
2004Regression and the hypothesis of accelerated lifeHutchinson, T.
2002The relation between an extreme proportion and a less extreme proportion, in the context of the comparability of testsHutchinson, T.
2017The relationship between Motorcycle Rider Behaviour Questionnaire scores and crashes for riders in AustraliaStephens, A.; Brown, J.; de Rome, L.; Baldock, M.; Fernandes, R.; Fitzharris, M.
2009The relative age related crashworthiness of the registered South Australian passenger vehicle fleetAnderson, R.; Doecke, S.; Australasian Road Safety Research, Policing and Education Conference (2009 : Sydney, Australia)
1989Replica casting of the skull basePalmer, G.; De Nardi, E.; Fisk, W.; Blumbergs, P.; McLean, J.
2009Review of Western Australian drug driving lawsWoolley, J.; Baldock, M.
1987The risk compensation tambourine - risk and freedom: the record of road safety regulationMcLean, Jack
2012Risky behaviours: preferable to crashes for evaluating road safety mass media campaigns?Wundersitz, L.; Hutchinson, T.; ACRS 2012
1988Road accident statisticsMcCaul, Kieran Anthony
1986Road accidents and the Grand PrixFischer, A.; Hatch, John H.; Paix, B. R.
2001Road agency practices. Part B., External consultation for road strategy developmentBennett McInerney, R.; Roddis, S.; Gunatillake, T.; Lydon, M.
1989Road crash cervical injuries: a radiological study of fatalitiesCain, Christopher Marden John; Simpson, Donald A.; Ryan, Gerald Anthony; Manock, C. H.; James, Ross Alexander
2011Road safety mass media campaigns: Why are results inconclusive, and what can be done?Hutchinson, T.; Wundersitz, L.