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2011Tackling accident blackspots head onHutchinson, T.
2001Testing Holland's Hexagon: Explanation and CriticismHutchinson, T.; Myors, B.
2008Testing the pedestrian safety of bull bars: methods and resultsAnderson, R.; van den Berg, A.; Ponte, G.; Streeter, L.; McLean, A.
1984To drink but not to drive?McLean, Jack
1995Topography of axonal injury as defined by amyloid precursor protein and the sector scoring method in mild and severe closed head injuryBlumbergs, P.; Scott, G.; Manavis, J.; Wainwright, H.; Simpson, D.; McLean, J.
2006The trade-off between the probabilities of the two types of prediction error: how to linearise the graphHutchinson, T.; Australasian Business and Behavioural Sciences Association (ABBSA) (29 Sep 2006 : Adelaide, Australia)
1984Transportation accidents: curriculum guidelines for the teaching of transportation safety in tertiary institutionsMcLean, Jack
1999Trauma surgery during the military revolution : the career of Richard WisemanSimpson, Donald A.
2003Trusting numbers: uncertainty and the pathology laboratoryHutchinson, T.
2006Understanding data: important for all scientists, and where any nation might excelHutchinson, T.
1993Understanding head impact tolerance as an aid in injury preventionMcLean, Jack
2015Use of age-period-cohort models to estimate effects of vehicle age, year of crash and year of vehicle manufacture on driver injury and fatality rates in single vehicle crashes in New South Wales, 2003-2010Anderson, R.; Searson, D.
1992Usefulness of beta-2-transferrin assay in the detection of cerebrospinal fluid leaks following head injuryRyall, Richard G.; Peacock, M. K.; Simpson, Donald A.
2007Using child age or weight in selecting type of in-vehicle restraint: Implications for promotion and designAnderson, R.; Hutchinson, T.; Edwards, S.; Association for the Advancement for Automotive Medicine Annual Conference (51st : 2007 : Melbourne, Australia)
2009Vehicle age-related crashworthiness of the South Australian passenger fleetAnderson, R.; Doecke, S.; Searson, D.
2003Vehicle design and operation for pedestrian protection: accident simulations and reconstructionsAnderson, Robert William Gerard
2010Vehicle mass as a determinant of fuel consumption and secondary safety performance: A commentHutchinson, T.; Anderson, R.
1995Vehicle speed and risk of a severe crash.Moore, V.; Dolinis, J.; Woodward, A.
1997Vehicle travel speeds and the incidence of fatal pedestrian crashesAnderson, R.; McLean, J.; Farmer, M.; Lee, B.; Brooks, C.
2007Visual attention as a predictor of on-road driving performance of older driversBaldock, M.; Mathias, J.; McLean, A.; Berndt, A.