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2010Comment on "Trivariate statistical analysis of extreme rainfall events via the Plackett family of copulas" by Shih-Chieh Kao and Rao S. Govindaraju: How are trivariate copulas put to use?Hutchinson, T.
2012Pedestrian headform testing: inferring performance at impact speeds and for headform masses not tested, and estimating average performance in a range of real-world conditionsHutchinson, T.; Anderson, R.; Searson, D.
2012The effect of impact speed on the HIC obtained in pedestrian headform testsSearson, D.; Anderson, R.; Hutchinson, T.
2014Integrated assessment of pedestrian head impact protection in testing secondary safety and autonomous emergency brakingSearson, D.; Anderson, R.; Hutchinson, T.
2008On ratings of comfort and exertion by visual display unit users and ratings of workplace layout and working posture by expert egronomistsHutchinson, T.
2008Promoting child booster seat use: Has no one ever done high-quality research?Hutchinson, T.
2011Classification of reasons for poor customer experiences in service industries: the case of public transportHutchinson, T.
2004Comment on "Rare earth elements in stream waters from the Rokko granite area, Japan: Effect of weathering degree of watershed rocks" by Nakajima and Terakado, Geochemical Journal, 37, 181-198, 2003Hutchinson, T.
2004Analysis of datasets showing which compounds kill which organisms: inferring two systemsHutchinson, T.
2001Testing Holland's Hexagon: Explanation and CriticismHutchinson, T.; Myors, B.