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2016Motorcycle fuel tanks and pelvic fractures: a motorcycle fuel tank syndromeMeredith, L.; Baldock, M.; Fitzharris, M.; Duflou, J.; Dal Nevo, R.; Griffiths, M.; Brown, J.
2010Anthropometric characterization of spleen in childrenCoquet, Benjamin; Sandoz, Baptiste; Savoie, Pierre-Henri; Thollon, Lionel; Serre, Thierry; Brunet, Christian
2016The prevalence of crash risk factors in a population-based study of motorcycle ridersde Rome, L.; Fitzharris, M.; Baldock, M.; Fernandes, R.; Ma, A.; Brown, J.
2017Energy attenuation performance of impact protection worn by motorcyclists in real-world crashesAlbanese, B.; Gibson, T.; Whyte, T.; Meredith, L.; Savino, G.; de Rome, L.; Baldock, M.; Fitzharris, M.; Brown, J.
2010Subject-specific body segment parameters' estimation using biplanar X-rays: a feasibility studySandoz, Baptiste; Laporte, Sebastien; Skalli, Wafa; Mitton, David
2011The mechanics of the in vivo infant and toddler trunk during respiratory physiotherapySandoz, Baptiste; Vajda, Emmanuel; Alonzo, Francois; Bruyere, Karine; Bermond, Francois
2010Fast 3D reconstruction of the rib cage from biplanar radiographsJolivet, E.; Sandoz, Baptiste; Laporte, Sebastien; Mitton, David; Skalli, Wafa
2012Reflections on speed control from a public health perspectiveMcLean, A.
2010Anthropometric characterization of the child liverPauleau, Ghislain; Sandoz, Baptiste; Thollon, Lionel; Serre, Thierry; Brunet, Christian
2010Windscreen material characterization based on experimental dataCoulongeat, F.; Anderson, R.; Long, A.; Serre, T.