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Type: Journal article
Title: Preparation, structures and some reactions of novel diynyl complexes of iron and ruthenium
Author: Bruce, M.
Ellis, B.
Gaudio, M.
Lapinte, C.
Melino, G.
Paul, F.
Skelton, B.
Smith, M.
Toupet, L.
White, A.
Citation: Dalton Transactions (Print Edition), 2004; 10(1010):1601-1609
Publisher: Royal Soc Chemistry
Issue Date: 2004
ISSN: 1477-9226
Statement of
Michael I. Bruce, Benjamin G. Ellis, Maryka Gaudio, Claude Lapinte, Giovanni Melino, Frédéric Paul, Brian W. Skelton, Mark E. Smith, Loic Toupet and Allan H. White
Abstract: Reactions between HC triple bond CC triple bond CSiMe3 and several ruthenium halide precursors have given the complexes Ru(C triple bond CC triple bond CSiMe3)(L2)Cp'[Cp'= Cp, L = CO (1), PPh3 (2); Cp' = Cp*, L2= dppe (3)]. Proto-desilylation of 2 and 3 have given unsubstituted buta-1,3-diyn-1-yl complexes Ru(C triple bond CC triple bond CH)(L2)Cp'[Cp'= Cp, L = PPh3 (5); Cp'= Cp*, L2 = dppe (6)]. Replacement of H in 5 or 6 with Au(PR3) groups was achieved in reactions with AuCl(PR3) in the presence of KN(SiMe3)2 to give Ru(C triple bond CC triple bond CAu(PR3)](L2)Cp'[Cp' = Cp, L = PPh3, R = Ph (7); Cp' = Cp*, L2= dppe, R = Ph (8), tol (9)]. The asymmetrically end-capped [Cp(Ph3P)2Ru]C triple bond CC triple bond C[Ru(dppe)Cp*] (10) was obtained from Ru(C triple bond CC triple bond CH)(dppe)Cp* and RuCl(PPh3)2Cp. Single-crystal X-ray structural determinations of and are reported, with a comparative determination of the structure of Fe(C triple bond CC triple bond CSiMe3)(dppe)Cp* (4), and those of a fifth polymorph of [Ru(PPh3)2Cp]2(mu-C triple bond CC triple bond C) (12), and [Ru(dppe)Cp]2(mu-C triple bond CC triple bond C) (13).
Description: © Royal Society of Chemistry 2004
RMID: 0020040424
DOI: 10.1039/b316297b
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