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Type: Journal article
Title: Designer probiotics for prevention of enteric infections
Author: Paton, A.
Morona, R.
Paton, J.
Citation: Nature Reviews. Microbiology, 2006; 4(3):193-200
Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
Issue Date: 2006
ISSN: 1740-1526
Statement of
Adrienne W. Paton, Renato Morona and James C. Paton
Abstract: Many microbial pathogens, including those responsible for major enteric infections, exploit oligosaccharides that are displayed on the surface of host cells as receptors for toxins and adhesins. Blocking crucial ligand–receptor interactions is therefore a promising therapeutic strategy. One approach is to express molecular mimics of host receptors on the surface of harmless recombinant bacteria that can survive in the gut. These ‘designer probiotics’ bind bacterial toxins in the gut lumen with very high avidity, thereby preventing disease. This article discusses recent progress with this strategy.
Keywords: Animals; Bacteria; Gastroenteritis; Oligosaccharides; Adhesins, Bacterial; Receptors, Cell Surface; Bacterial Toxins; Species Specificity; Molecular Mimicry; Drug Design; Probiotics
Description: © 2007 Nature Publishing Group
RMID: 0020060080
DOI: 10.1038/nrmicro1349
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