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Type: Patent
Title: Brain, spinal and nerve injury treatment.
Author: Vink, R.
Nimmo, A.
Issue Date: 2005
Assignee: Vink, Robert; Nimmo, Alan F
Contributor: Hoffmann La-Roche
Statement of
Invented by R. Vink, A.J.Nimmo; Hoffmann La-Roche agents for inventors.
Abstract: A treatment for brain, spinal and nerve injury comprising use of a substance P receptor antagonist optionally in combination with a magnesium compound. There is also provided a formulation for use in this treatment comprising a substance P receptor antagonist and a magnesium compound.
Description: PATENT: R. Vink, A.J.Nimmo. US 2005/0107380 A1 (PCT/AU01/00046) filed Jan 18, 2001; published Jan 11, 2005.
Patent #: WO/2001/052844
RMID: 0020063706
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