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1998A model linking organic matter decomposition, chemistry and aggregate dynamicsGolchin, A.; Baldock, J.; Oades, J.
2002Interactions of organic materials and microorganisms with minerals in the stabilization of soil structureBaldock, J.
2001Evidence for non-selective preservation of organic matter in sinking marine particlesHedges, J.; Baldock, J.; Gelinas, Y.; Lee, C.; Peterson, M.; Wakeham, S.
2001An improved thermal oxidation method for the quantification of soot/graphitic black carbon in sediments and soilsGelinas, Y.; Prentice, K.; Baldock, J.; Hedges, J.
2001Nitrogen dynamics of pastures: nitrogen fixation inputs, the impact of legumes on soil nitrogen fertility, and the contributions of fixed nitrogen to Australian farming systemsPeoples, M.; Baldock, J.
2001Organic carbon composition of marine sediments: Effect of oxygen exposure on oil generation potentialGelinas, Y.; Baldock, J.; Hedges, J.
2001Changes in soil carbon under long-term maize in monoculture and legume-based rotationGregorich, E.; Drury, C.; Baldock, J.
1997The effects of vegetation and burning on the chemical composition of soil organic matter in a volcanic ash soil as shown by 13C NMR spectroscopy. I. Whole soil and humic acid fractionGolchin, A.; Clarke, P.; Baldock, J.; Higashi, T.; Skjemstad, J.; Oades, J.
2001Demineralization of marine and freshwater sediments for CP/MAS 13C NMR analysisGelinas, Y.; Baldock, J.; Hedges, J.
2002The biochemical and elemental compositions of marine plankton: a NMR perspectiveHedges, J.; Baldock, J.; Gelinas, Y.; Lee, C.; Peterson, M.; Wakeham, S.