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1996The effect of acid digestion technique on the performance of nebulization systems used in inductively coupled plasma spectrometryZarcinas, B.; McLaughlin, M.; Smart, M.
1997Assessing the extent of decompositionof natural organic materials using solid-state 13C NMR spectroscopyBaldock, J.; Oades, J.; Nelson, P.; Skene, T.; Golchin, A.; Clarke, P.
1997Carbonate chemistry, pH, and physical properties of an alkaline sodic soil as affected by various amendmentsChorom, M.; Rengasamy, P.
1995Field monitoring of solute and colloid mobility in a gneissic sub-catchment, South AustraliaBiddle, D.; Chittleborough, D.; Fitzpatrick, R.
1995Comparison of the effects of latex and poly (DADMAC) on structural stability and strength of soil aggregatesBernas, S.; Oades, J.; Churchman, G.; Grant, C.
1995Field-based comparison of platinum and wax impregnated graphite redox electrodesBiddle, D.; Chittleborough, D.; Fitzpatrick, R.
1995Effects of latex and poly-DADMAC on erosion, hydrophobicity and water retention on two different soilsBernas, S.; Oades, J.; Churchman, G.
1995Colonization of Orchis morio protocorms by a mycorrhizal fungus: Effects of nitrogen nutrition and glyophosate in modifying the responsesBeyrle, H.; Smith, S.; Peterson, R.; Franco, C.
1995Dispersion and zeta potential of pure clays as related to net particle charge under varying pH, electrolyte concentration and cation typeChorom, M.; Rengasamy, P.
1995Glyphosate, 2,4-DB amd dimethoate: Effects on earthworm survival and growthDalby, P.; Baker, G.; Smith, S.