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2001WETMOD: A generic wetland ecosystem model for the simulation of floodplain wetlands at the Lower River Murray (South Australia)Cetin, L.; Recknagel, F.; Boumans, R.; International Congress on Modelling and Simulation (10 Dec 2001 : Canberra, Australia)
2001Knowledge discovery for prediction and explanation of blue-green algal dynamics in lakes by evolutionary algorithmsBobbin, J.; Recknagel, F.
2001In situ removal of dissolved phosphorus in irrigation drainage water by planted floats: preliminary results from growth chamber experimentWen, L.; Recknagel, F.
2002Bacterial dieback of pistachios in Australia : preliminary epidemiological studiesFacelli, E.; Sedgley, M.; Scott, E.; Taylor, C.; Emmett, R.
2001GIS-based modelling of spatial pattern of snow cover duration in an alpine areaTappeiner, U.; Tappeiner, G.; Aschenwald, J.; Tasser, E.; Ostendorf, B.
2001The importance of understanding spatial pattern for scaling up plot-level matter and energy fluxes to regional scalesOstendorf, B.; Hilbert, D.; Kostner, B.; Tappeiner, U.; Tasser, E.
2001Application of VARLEACH and LEACHM models to experimental data on leaching of a non-reactive tracer and three sulfonylurea herbicidesSarmah, A.; Kookana, R.; Alston, A.
2001Effects of electrolyte composition on chromium desorption in soils contaminated by tannery wasteAvudainayagam, S.; Naidu, R.; Kookana, R.; Alston, A.; McClure, S.; Smith, L.
2012Mobilization of acidity and metals during refilling of a dried wetland: A comparison of laboratory and field dataShand, P.; Grocke, S.; Fitzpatrick, R.; Merry, R.; Thomas, M.; Creeper, N.; International Acid Sulfate Soil Conference (7th : 2012 : Vaasa, Finland)
2012A new 1D biogeochemical model framework for assessing and managing acid sulfate soil risksMosley, L.; Fitzpatrick, R.; Bonten, L.; Groenenberg, J.; International Acid Sulfate Soil Conference (7th : 2012 : Vaasa, Finland)