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2008Stripping away sky reflectance, waves and turbulence for benthic mapping: Imaging the seafloor not the surfaceHart, D.; Lewis, M.; Ostendorf, B.; Australasian Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Conference (14th : 2008 : Darwin, Australia)
2009Mycorrhizal symbiosis - overview and new insights into roles of arbuscular mycorrhizas in agro- and natural ecosystemsFacelli, E.; Smith, S.; Smith, F.
1995Project Database and List of Publications relating to Dryland Salinity in South Australia 1991-1994.Fitzpatrick, R.
1995Australian Sodic Soils. Distribution, Properties and ManagementRengasamy, P.
1995Clays Controlling the EnvironmentFitzpatrick, R.
2013Allocating water and maintaining springs in the Great Artesian Basin. Volume IV. Spatial survey and remote sensing of artesian springs of the western Great Artesian BasinLewis, M.; White, D.; Gotch, T.
2009Remote Sensing - Validation, spatial and temporal patterns in sea surface temperature and chlorophyll-aBierman, P.; Lewis, M.; Tanner, J.; Ostendorf, B.
2001Interactions between two arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and fungivorous nematodes and control of the nematode with fenamifosBakhtiar, Y.; Miller, D.; Cavagnaro, T.; Smith, S.
2001Morphology of arbuscular mycorrhizas is influenced by fungal identityCavagnaro, T.; Gao, L.; Smith, F.; Smith, S.
2002Functional diversity of arbuscular mycorrhizas extends to the expression of plant genes involved in P nutritionBurleigh, S.; Cavagnaro, T.; Jakobsen, I.