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1996Pesticide sorption by allophanic and non-allophanic soils of New ZealandBaskaran, S.; Bolan, S.; Rahman, A.; Tillman, R. W.
1996Method for caging earthworms for use in field experimentsBaker, Geoffrey H.; Barrett, V. J.; Carter, P. J.; Woods, J. P.
1996Predation of earthworms by the land planarian, Australoplana sanguinea (Moseley)var.Alba (Dendy) Sensu Jones, 1981 (Tricladida:Geoplanidae)Terrace, T. E.; Baker, Geoffrey H.
1996Seasonal activity of the earthworm Gemascolex lateralis (Megascoleicidea), in a Eucalyptus woodland in South AustraliaBaker, Geoffrey H.
1996Effectiveness of liming to minimise uptake of cadmium by wheat and barley grain grown in the fieldOliver, Danielle Peta; Tiller, K. G.; Conyers, M. K.; Slattery, W. J.; Alston, Angus MacCallum; Merry, R. H.
1996The cytoplasmic streaming response of tomato root hairs to auxin; the role of calciumAyling, Sarah M.; Clarkson, D. T.
1996Characterization of a highly repeated DNA sequence (SC1) from the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus Scutellospora castanea and its detection in plantsZeze, Adolphe; Hosny, Michel; Gianinazzi-Pearson, Vivienne; Dulieu, Hubert
1996Effect of exogenous carbon on the sorption and movement of atrazine and 2,4-D by soilsBaskaran, S.; Bolan, N. S.; Rahman, A.; Tillman, R. W.
1996Quantification of Gaeumanomyces graminis var. tritici in infected roots and soil using slot blot hybridisationHerdina; Harvey, P.; Ophel-Keller, Kathy
1996Membranes in mycorrhizal interfaces: specialized functions in symbiosisSmith, S.; Smith, F.